New Arrivals – Nada

I was away from the tech Sunday 12:01:01 until Noon Monday in observance of No Tech Sunday. We turned off and left off the computers, cell phones, etc. The only tech, if it can be called that, we used were the land line phone and the television set.

No new arrivals last week, which pleases me. I’m really doing good with the limiting book buying, and that was the goal. I did get something from the library, but can’t even remember what it was. Read it n a couple of days and took it back.

Beautiful day here in Portland, warmest of the year, with temps expected to hit 80 for the first time. Yes, we are out in the sun, reading, gardening and just bagging rays. It’ll be a little cooler tomorrow, but this was our first real taste of Summer. Grilled steaks last night I guess that should be “grilled a steak”, we split a smallish one, split a baked potato (no butter or sour cream), small green salad with diet dressing. No dessert. That may sound kinda sad, but hey, since January I’ve lost 26 lb. and am determined to stick with it!

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8 Responses to New Arrivals – Nada

  1. Congratulations on your weight loss! I’m trying to lose some pounds before my knee replacement surgery next month, but events conspire against me. Too much eating out at swanky restaurants!

  2. Carl V. says:

    Great job on the weight loss! I hit 32 lbs lost this past week. I estimate that if I could somehow control exactly where the fat burned off (wishful thinking) I would probably have about 8-10 pounds of belly fat to lose to be where I want to be.

    Congrats on the book buying self-control, very proud of you! I didn’t do too much tech stuff on Sunday, but definitely didn’t turn it off entirely. Had to watch the first episode of the second season of Sherlock on Sunday night. Great stuff.

  3. Tom Roberts says:

    Not to be naysayer or rain cloud, but …

    Via Overstage Stage and Pony Express routes I do know that a box of new books is en route to Casa de Robinson. As to whether they will arrive in time to be posted as “New Arrivals” for next week, only The Shadow knows.

    Tom Roberts
    Black Dog Books

  4. My only new arrival is Ozzy’s bio.

  5. Richard says:

    George, my way of avoiding eating wrong at those swanky restaurants is to not go to them!

    Carl, thanks. You seem to be keeping pretty well ahead of me. As for body fat, when I look in the mirror, that’s about all I see…

  6. Richard says:

    Tom, that’s great news!

    Charles, I’m not sure that’s one I’d read, but I hope you enjoy it.

  7. Jeff Meyerson says:

    Nice job with the weight loss, Rick. Keep up the good work. If we were trying to lose weight (well, Jackie is) the last five days in New Orleans did not help. Also, the weather was pretty close to my definition of “unbearable” at Jazzfest over the weekend – 90 degrees and brutally humid. We had to retreat into the tents several times when the outdoor venues got too brutal. That’s no real hardship, however, as the Blues Tent and Gospel Tent are my two favorite venues there.

    The crowds were pretty unbearable too. If you wanted to see one of the “big” acts featured at 5:00 any afternoon you’d basically have to get there as soon as they open at 11 am and stake out a spot.

    I’m pretty sure this is our last time at Jazzfest, for now at least.

  8. Richard says:

    But Jeff, you didn’t say much about the food. Do tell.

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