FFB: Toujours Provence

this is the 76th in my series of forgotten books

Toujours Provence by Peter Mayle, published by Alfred Knopf 1991 hardcover (second of two volumes in two book boxed set)

National bestseller taking up where his beloved A Year In Provence left off, Peter Mayle offers another funny, deliciously evocative book about life in Provence. With tales only one who lives there could tell, such as of finding gold coins while digging in the garden, of sumptuous lunches at a truck stop, at a villiage fete, a small cafe on a hard to find dirt road, each time finding outstanding food. But it is the characters that make this book, both human and animal, such as those at a dog show, the dogs and pigs that hunt for truffles and Mayle’s own new addition, Boy.

This is organized in a different way than the first first book, A Year in Provence (see last week’s Friday Forgotten Book). That one was by month, taking us through the year, while this one is more episodic, shorter chapters each relating some story or event, such as adding a third dog to the household, or going to a village fair or about the melon patch across the road. Just as enjoyable though a bit more chopped up. More terrific characters and returns by some of those from the previous book. Very enjoyable, and I’ll look for the next installment to read soon.

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4 Responses to FFB: Toujours Provence

  1. I’ve seen this book dozens of times at Library sales. I need to pick up a copy next time I see it based on your fine review.

  2. Richard says:

    Thanks, George. I enjoyed these two books a good deal. As I said before, they would make good library withdrawls, since I doubt they’d get read a second time.

  3. Jeff Meyerson says:

    As mentioned last time, I’ve read the same two that you now have. I really need to remember to go back and check out the next one in the series. They didn’t make me have any more interest in moving to Provence but I did enjoy reading them.

  4. Richard says:

    Same here, Jeff. BTW, tune in from sunny FLA (as Freddy Cannon sang it) Sunday night Monday morning for a several-item New Arrivals post. Hope you guys are having good weather and an even better time!

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