Last Word on Anne McCaffrey

I was greatly saddened by the passing of Anne McCaffrey, a very favorite author of mine. George Kelly alerted me to the January 2012 issue of Locus magazine, which is the McCaffrey issue. I was too late to find it at the book store (sold out, they only get about 10 copies) but was able to order it directly, and it came in the mail the other day.

I’m not a regular Locus reader, let alone a subscriber (George told me he’s subscribed for 34 years now!) and aside from the biographical article on McCaffrey, and a dozen or so eulogies, the magazine is mostly reviews, announcements, publishing information and so forth. That’s not information I’d read in-depth on a monthly basis, so I still won’t subscribe, but I sure did enjoy the cover article here.

I love McCaffrey’s Pern books, have read all of them more then once, have reviewed several of them on this blog. The crystal singer books are also favorites, and I’ve read many others. I’m not a fan of the Pern books written with or by Todd McCaffrey, however and cannot recommend them on any basis. I wasn’t surprised to read his eulogy to his mother in this issue and find it was all about…Todd.  He claims to have been the inspiration for many of the Pern novels including The White Dragon, to have been her “go to guy” for ideas and editing, and so on. Bleah. However the material by Robert Silverberg and many others was worth reading. A good issue, which your local library may have in hand.

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8 Responses to Last Word on Anne McCaffrey

  1. Patti Abbott says:

    I attended a funeral once where one of the speakers did that same thing. Attributed every important moment in his friend’s life to himself. It was so disturbing with the man’s wife sitting there and listening to it.

  2. Glad you enjoyed this special issue of LOCUS, Rick. Anne McCaffrey had the first SF NY TIMES Best Seller. She has a legion of loyal fans. Her work will continue to be read and admired.

  3. I”ve read some of her books, none of the collaborations with her son. I won’t be reading any of those I don’t imagine. Kind of tasteless of him there.

  4. Todd Mason says:

    Do take a look at Frederik Pohl’s brief tribute at THE WAY THE FUTURE BLOGS, if you haven’t.

    You can’t trust Todds. Named for tricksters, after all.

  5. Richard says:

    I’ve never attended a funeral, Patti, and hope to never have to do so. My parents did not believe children should have to participate in what they saw as a morbid event, so I was never asked to go when they did. They also specified no funeral when they went – they were cremated – nor a remembrance event of any kind. “Remember us as we were.” they said.

    Yes, George, thanks again.

  6. Richard says:

    Charles, I love her books, but not the ones written with her son.

    Yep, Todds and Raven, eh?

  7. deslily says:

    looks like a good read on her passing… Todd is certainly not enough of his mother to keep Pern in the high regard she made it and the people. I tried reading each of his books (especially the first few that indicated Anne helped) they had a few good points (very few but at times if you grab them and run it could be something)… but he just doesn’t have a good enough story line nor did he root out any good characters to make you want to keep his books… mine got donated! .. but his mothers books will have to be pried out of my cold dead hands! lol

  8. Richard says:

    deslily, I feel exactly the same way, and I got rid of my Todd books too, gave them to the local library.

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