New Arrivals, January 16-22, 2012

Just a few things, a little of this, a little of that. Here we go.

Digital Nature Photography by John and Barbara Gerlach [Focal Press 2007 trade paper, new] – digital photography, specifically nature photography, including birds, animals, trees, landscapes, flowers, etc. I took over a dozen books on digital photography out of the library and read / skimmed them all. This was one of the two best and one I’ll re-refer to, so I bought it. With the new lenses I got, I’ll want to brush up on my skills and learn more about macro and telephoto, as well as brushing up on depth of field and other basics. I’ve gotten lazy and have mostly used the automatic settings on my Nikon, but it’s time to take more control.

Exposure by Peter Cope [D&C Books, 2008 oversized trade paper, new] – digital photography guide, specifically to exposure, probably the most important factor in taking good photographs. See the above note about photography books from the library. This the second of 2 books I liked well enough to buy.

Light Speed edited by John Joseph Adams [Prime Books, 2011 trade paper, new] – science fiction short story collection – Light Speed is an on-line SF magazine. This fat (565 page) collection has all of the fiction published during the first year of the magazine, including some classic reprints and much new fiction. Good reviews on this one, and though I’ve likely already read some of what’s here, it’s nice to have it in one package.

Owl Moon by Jane Yolen, illustrated by John Schoenherr [Philomel Books, 1987 oversized hardcover, new] – children’s fiction – this book won the 1988 Caldecott Medal for children’s book illustration – I read a review of the author recently and found this book, illustrated by a favorite illustrator-artist of mine, so I looked into it more and decided to buy it. It will probably go to one of the grandchildren, or I may just keep it for myself. Easy story, beautiful illustrations, probably a good bedtime story.

Percepliquis by Michael J. Sullivan [Ridan 2012 trade paper, new] – epic fantasy, 6th of the six-book The Crown Conspiracy. I’ve been waiting for this a long time, since the first volume came out. In this case, the author had already written the first 4 books, and was working on # 5, so I knew it would be forever, but it’s still been a long wait. Mostly character-driven. The first 5 books were published by Ridan, but before this one came out, Sullivan struck a deal with Orbit Books for the whole series, two books per volume. That meant the last book was only to be available in the omnibus volume, different cover, and I’d have to buy #5 twice. There were enough people like me who asked for a Ridan publication of this one that Orbit and Ridan worked out a deal and this is now available. It won’t be a large print run and there will be no second printing, so those who have none of these yet may be better of with the three book Orbit set, but if you have the first batch of the books this will complete your set. This comes just in time for the rainy winter weather, the fireplace, some hot chocolate and a comfy chair. Now to start with the first book. Soon, now.

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7 Responses to New Arrivals, January 16-22, 2012

  1. Jeff Meyerson says:

    Good group and – for once – nothing that appeals to me enough that I need to buy it, which is good.


    No new books here as we’ve stopped ordering stuff as we’re leaving Wednesday for the trip. I am expecting two last Monk paperbacks and will take one with me if it arrives in time.

  2. Owl moon looks cool. I need to read more Yolen

  3. Like Charles, I need to read more Yolen, too. I read somewhere that she’s published over a 100 books.

  4. Richard says:

    Charles, George – This was the first book by Yolen I’d read, and it’s spare text and beautiful illustrations by Schoenherr are wonderful.

    Jeff, have a great time, I’ll be looking for an email with a guest post on what you read!

  5. I’ve considered the Lightspeed anthology. Not pulled the trigger though.

  6. Patti Abbott says:

    I remember Jane Yolen from my kids’ youth.

  7. Richard says:

    She’s written a TON of children’s books, Patti. This is the only Caldecott winner.

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