FFB: Prey

this is the 72nd in my series of forgotten books

Prey by Ken Goddard, Tor Books 1993 paperback – First Harry Lightstone

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I bought this book expecting it to be a wilderness mystery. The protagonist is Harry Lightstone, a Federal Fish and Wildlife undercover agent working with a special team that is primarily concerned with the arrest and conviction of those who make a business of hunting endangered species.

When I started reading, I found Prey to be about covert government operations, teams of international soldier-counter terrorists, power and greed. Once I figured out what I was reading I enjoyed it quite a bit.

A number of international big businesses have a financial stake in preventing several environmental groups (Green Peace, Earth First!, The Sierra Club and others) from joining together to force passage of and compliance with strict laws on toxic waste and environmental protection. There’s big money to be made – or saved – if the potential cooperation between these groups can be sabotaged. Labeling the groups “environmental terrorists”, a plan is created to bring strike forces to bear against them, turning them against one another and public opinion against them all. The evil organization created to implement all this is the International Commission for Environment Restoration (ICER). Some high-level governmental employees are drawn to the promise of power and money, allowing a remote site in Yellowstone National Park to be outfitted as a headquarters and training facility.

The fly in the ointment is a sting operation on some bear hunters by Lightstone and his team a few miles away. Neither group knows of the other at first and by the time they do Lightstone has seen too much and has become a threat to the plan.

Goddard writes well, and this 400 page paper-back went pretty quickly. Sure the plot is unbelievable but so are an awful lot of mysteries I read, and so is science fiction and fantasy. For those of you who enjoy this type of book I’d suggest you try this one. The second Henry Lightstone title, Wildfire has Lightstone and his team again facing ICER and is also available in paperback.

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8 Responses to FFB: Prey

  1. Evan Lewis says:

    Saw this title and was expecting a John Sandford book. But hey, this one sounds good too.

  2. Jeff Meyerson says:

    It sounds like a good airplane read.

  3. I’ve read a few of his novels over the years. Others i’d recommend would be FIRST EVIDENCE and it’s sequel, OUTER PERIMETER. They are of crime scene investigator Colin Cellars and his finding evidence at a crime that he might be dealing with something out of this world. Quite a bit of action.

  4. I haven’t read any Ken Goddard, but his books sound intriguing. I like other-worldly aspects in mysteries.

  5. Richard says:

    Evan – that’s probably what a lot of people would think, Patterson’s books are much better known. I liked it more than I expected to.

    Jeff, yep, it would be, but it’s darn thick.

  6. Richard says:

    Randy, those are new to me, but I’ve only picked up the two I mentioned.

    George, sounds like you’d prefer the title Randy mentions, but all are probably good.

  7. Kent Morgan says:

    Just picked up a used copy of First Evidence this afternoon. The cover blurb reads ” a down-to-earth forensics expert has just discovered a crime scene that is out of this world.” Then I came home and read this review. Scary.

  8. Richard says:

    It was meant to be, Kent. Enjoy.

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