New Arrivals = 0

Not a thing. Enjoy the Summer week, everyone!

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3 Responses to New Arrivals = 0

  1. Jeff Meyerson says:

    Amazingly, I didn’t buy a single book in Buffalo or Niagara, despite visiting a huge book warehouse in Ontario.

    I did have three books waiting when we got home, including the newest Crippen & Landru Lost Classics edition, The Duel of Shadows by Vincent Cornier. The other two were from the Exchange: Paul Bishop’s Kill Me Again (first Fey Croaker book) and Barbara Nadel’s After the Mourning. I picked up three of hers in London in April but, naturally, have not read any of them as yet.

  2. Zoinks says:

    Nothing on the trip, eh, Jeff? What restraint, or maybe you just didn’t see anything you fancied. My only thought on the others is this: you bought a 4th Nadel book without reading any of the other three? I understand doing that, but it’s something I’ve stopped doing myself, after too many disappointments with a first book after buying several… then what do you do?

  3. I’m amazed you didn’t find anything at THE BOOK DEPOT, Jeff. A visit there usually costs me $100…if I’m lucky! I can easily spend more. Our BORDERS stores are offering 50% off just about everything. I picked up some Wodehouse from Overlook Press.

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