Sympathy for Those Sizzling

It continues to look like a goodly portion of the States is broiling, still. Believe me, I don’t envy you. I don’t like it hot, and if it’s humid too, well YUCK!

It seems the only place it’s been reasonably comfortable has been the Pacific Northwest, especially western Oregon and Washington. Whew. Just a little over 70 in Portland today. Believe me, those of you who have it in the 90s and above have my deepest sympathy!

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10 Responses to Sympathy for Those Sizzling

  1. Laurie says:

    I’m finding as I get older that I have very little tolerance for the heat, much less the humidity. Portland is sounding awfully good to me right now.

  2. We’ve been living with close to 100 percent humidity for almost 2 weeks now. Gray skies have kept the killer sun back but the humidity makes everything clammy.

  3. Jeff Meyerson says:

    The one time we visited Portland we had 100 degree temperatures! So don’t get too complacent. It happens, rarely, but it happens.

    Actually, though it hit 90 here yesterday it was surprisingly comfortable, believe it or not. Low humidity and a nice breeze helped. Today is beautiful too. Of course, after last week’s 97 and 104 and 100, almost anything seems better.

    We’ve had that discussion several times lately, and even the TV weathercasters have brought it up, and there seems general consensus that we’d rather have the heat of summer than the snow and ice of winter.

    At least in summer you can sit in the air conditioning. There is no escape when there is snow on the ground.

  4. Richard says:

    Yes, it can get to 100 here, though it is very rare. As for days in the mid 90s, they do happen, once or twice a summer, though it’s been about a year and a half since it even reached 90. Today the forecast is dry, some overcast in the a.m., clear afternoon, high of 74, low of 57. Humidity is 62%

    Laurie, that’s nicer than it will be in Chicago! Portland is beautiful.
    Charles, I don’t envy you a bit, that’s rough.
    Jeff, you make it sound like it doesn’t snow in New York…

  5. Jeff Meyerson says:

    Any snow is too much snow as far as I’m concerned. They showed one of the reporters in the snow of January and then a split screen of her in 100 degrees. She said her feet were frozen that day.

    Today was about perfect – when the dew point is 58 in July you’re in good shape. It was 84 for teh high with 47% humidity. Unfortunately, it will be HHH (hazy hot & humid) by Friday.

  6. An elderly couple died of heat stroke in their home not a mile away from my house. All their windows were closed and they had no A/C. Temps reached 95 here and I’m sure their brick home turned into a furnace. This is the second hottest July in Western NY on record. And there are still people who don’t believe in Global Warming…

  7. Todd Mason says:

    Or at least human-directed climate change. Sadly, apparently the NW vineyards, however, have been facing some drought conditions, so that refuge hasn’t been untouched, either (I have an old high-school buddy who’d like to make his way into vineyards work over there…happily, he’s still making his way in recording technologies, and Bob Kowal’s wife, the writer and puppeteer [and SFWA office-holder] Mary Robinette Kowal, isn’t doing too badly, either).

    Here’s another nudge for some Mosaic posting for today’s Music lists, if you feel like it! (Says the man who’s yet to post his own.)

  8. Envious. Here in North Carolina, we’re on our fifteenth consecutive day of 90+(it’s hovering around 97 now). The heat indexes have run a 100+ most of those days.

  9. Richard says:

    George, That close the house and keep the cool air in until you bake to death is an old and ongoing problem They needed to go to a cooling center, if there are any, there are in most larger cities these days. Todd, that drought is serious but mainly in CA and southern OR, we had plenty of rain in the upper Willamette Valley and the problem was it was too cool for the grapes to set very early, so it will be a late harvest. An early cold snap in Fall could ruin it.

    Randy, I wouldn’t want to be there any more than where my brother is, in eastern TN, just south of Knoxville.

  10. One of my best friends lives in Knoxville. Beautiful country.

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