Happy first day of Summer to all. It’s going to be the warmest day of the year here, breaking 80 degrees, and a week of sunny days and mild nights os forecast. We’ll see, but the garden should love it and I see some reading on the patio or deck in my future. Needless to say, the picture here was taken at a nursery, not here at home. Egan Nursery just north of Salem, where we went a few weeks ago. Enjoy.

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14 Responses to Summer!

  1. Rainy here today so maybe the heat won’t be too bad.

  2. Evan Lewis says:

    The news the other night said Portland is having the rainiest Spring in 167 years, which is as long as they’ve been keeping records. Hope you folks have umbrellas.

  3. Richard says:

    Yes, of course we do. When I mention something like that to others, such as the wettest coolest March, April, May in many decades, they look at me and say something like “This is Portland, it’s always like this.” It’s because I moved here from a sunnier clime. It does look like Summer may be here at last, though.

  4. Your photo makes my skin crawl. Allergy sufferers like me live in A/C until the first frost.

  5. Richard says:

    These shade plants are unlikely to inflame your allergies, George, unless you’re literally allergic to everything that grows. If that’s the case, I indeed am sorry for you, gardening is a pleasurable hobby.

  6. J F Norris says:

    Hotter than Hades in Chicago on this 2011 Summer Solstice. The pagans will love it when the take to the forests and head in droves to the lakefront for their annual festivities. I’m not so keen on the abundance of insects that invaded my favorite outdoor lunch spot though.

    I love the photo. Only wish our rooftop garden (all container plants) would look as lush. Frigid nights have keep blooming and growth considerably slowed down. Plus we’ve had the darned wettest spring since the 1980s. The tomatoes are going to love today – that’s for sure.

  7. Richard says:

    As Evan noted earlier up above, this has been the wettest, coolest spring here in 167 years. Beautiful today, though, sunny and about 78 right now with a slight breeze. Good lick with that heat and those flying things.

  8. Pollen, molds, grasses all make me ill. I just hunker down until the first cold snap. That’s also one of the reasons I get so much reading done: I avoid the outdoors.

  9. Jeff Meyerson says:

    Bummer, George. Looks nice to me.

    Rick, we had a very snowy winter (though no record followed by an extremely wet spring (though nothing like yours). Now we’re hoping NOT to duplicate last summer’s heat with 35 days over 90 (16 in July and 12 in August).

    At the moment it’s a “normal” 80 or so with no extreme weather predicted.

    /end weather update

  10. Richard says:

    George, that’s terrible, If I couldn’t go outside I’d flip out. Nothing to be done, I gather.

    Jeff, I remember that hot spell and your talking about it in the APA and emails. Good luck with a somewhat cooler summertime.

  11. Patti Abbott says:

    I am astonished at how many plants are still in the nurseries. The rain must have kept plant buyers at home in most parts of the country. My tree pollen allergy is almost gone. Now for fall and mold.

  12. Richard says:

    Patti, that’s a specialty nursery and it looks like that all Spring and Summer. Then they switch to Fall color and close over the Winter months (Thanksgiving – March 15)

  13. Jeff M. says:

    George would not be able to leave the house here today. It’s not that hot but the humidity is at incredibly oppressive levels.

  14. Richard says:

    George is allergic to humidity too? Yikes.

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