Bookcases: choices made, looks great!

In a manner of speaking, it’s done. The bookwall is full. As you can see in the accompanying photos, I’ve squeezed in all I possibly can, not even leaving more than space for a very few additional books. That’s not ideal, but I had to make choices, often difficult ones. Much non-fiction, some fiction and all of the poetry were left off the shelves. There is just one box of weeded out, going away books, the best I could do in the first pass. I’ll repeat that process later. The science fiction ands fantasy are shelved in Wife’s home office, as you see in the first 3 photos.


As it is, there are more than a dozen, perhaps as many as twenty, boxes going into storage until additional book shelf space can be created. I don’t know when that will be, nor where, but for now the bookcase budget is exhausted. We have some landscaping and other things to address, so this is it for now, and it’s mighty fine.

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13 Responses to Bookcases: choices made, looks great!

  1. There is not much of a better pleasure than for a writer to see their books on someone else’s bookshelves. That first picture, bottom left, I see some familiar covers. Thank you very much for that experience.

  2. Looks great! I know you’ll have some painful decisions ahead. Diane’s Rule is: One Book Comes In, One Book Goes Out. Of course, I cheat a little…

  3. Richard says:

    Yes, Charles, that’s the 3 Talera books. Sorry it’s fuzzy. I’ll have to use the tripod next time to get better shots.

    George, thanks. Yes, that’s going to have to be my new guideline as well, Wife has already stated it. Emphatically.

  4. Jeff Meyerson says:

    Nice. I’m sure George manages to sneak a few in now and then. Overwise his basement wouldn’t be full o’ books!

  5. Those are gorgeous bookshelves! I hope your books appreciate the good home you’ve given them.

  6. Cap'n Bob says:

    Sounds like some of you guys are whipped.

  7. Maybe not whipped, but definitely constrained, Bob.

    Rick, you need to get that voodoo curse lifted. I tried to comment on your back online posting, but your blog wouldn’t let me leave a comment.

  8. Cap'n Bob says:

    Just tried to comment on your next post with no luck.

  9. Richard says:

    Bob, that’s because I have comments turned off on it. It will be coming down when my next post comes up, it was an FYI post only, not worthy of your erudite remarks.

    Oh, and not whipped, just mindful of reality.

  10. deslily says:

    oh my.. ocassionally I click on someones name in comments to see what their blog is all about and I did that with you from Carls blog..
    I scrolled far enough to see the book shelves and the other photo’s of “some of the books”.. as I enlarged each photo and scanned the books (gawd forbid I didn’t do that!) every so often you brought a smile to my face as I spotted some older books that I myself totally loved such as Eddings and Weis and Hickmans Dragonlance, and Terry Brook’s Shannara series.. Then all of a sudden I thought I was going to have a stroke!.. there was Pern unfolding in front of my eyes!! ..and what did I see but the Harper Hall Trilogy in 3 separate hardback!!!… I got cotton mouth and almost couldn’t breath.. I feared moving the scroll bar because I thought.. could this be the one person to have Dragon Flight, Dragon Quest and the White Dragon each in a hardback?…but alas, you had the doubleday version like I have…. the feelings of a stroke subsided!.. but I remained extremely excited to see the Harper Hall original hardbacks!! One day if you ever have time could you put them in a photo so I could see the original covers???? .. like the originals trilogy I only have a single doubleday hardback of the Harper Hall Trilogy.. and paperback of course, but my eyes have gotten bad over the years and I can no longer read paperbacks unless they are the large trade paperbacks and the type is not extremely small…
    I am super glad I clicked to see your blog!! Thank you for the thrill to know that Harper Hall does have hardbacks! (not that I could afford what they probably sell for) but I will forever keep an eye out for them and of course the original trilogy!

    thanks for the look see!!!

  11. Richard says:

    Deslily – thank you for the visit, and yes, I’d be glad to scan and post those three books, or just send you the scans if you’d like. The Harper Hall trilogy is one of my favorite parts of the Pern saga, and I’ve read them many times. I bought the three not too long after they were published, and put Brodart (clear plastic) covers on them right away.

    I have all of the Pern books in hard cover, though as you say I have the first three in the book club omnibus edition, though I also have The White Dragon in HC separately. The whole series would make a good post.

    I am so disappointed in the Todd McCaffrey books I refuse to buy or read them, after the first three were so bad. I even gave the last one, half read, to the library.

  12. deslily says:

    you can email me the photo at ….and yes, I hung on longer hoping Todd McCaffrey would come around.. I expected it to take me a while what with new characters and a new POV and I gave it one last chance with this latest book , but was unhappy with the 2 before it.. but did like a few (Kindan) characters, he doesn’t really flush them out and let you know about them and jumps around and has changed “too much” of what Anne did.. now others can ride the bonded dragon.. they are having two men with one woman and two woman with one man.. it’s beginning to read like his own personal fantasy instead of PERN ! lol.. yes I am struggling to read this book now and it is MY LAST also. I too have ALL the books but have the doubleday hb as the only hb I have for th e first trilogy and harper hall and like you I do have “the white dragon ” in hb
    I have read the the first trilogy and harper hall a number of times and even a few of the others like Dragondawn ..but Todd just doesn’t get it i guess lol.. a shame too because I would love it to go on and on, even with new characters.. I get he’s trying to make it his own..but it ain’t gunna happen!

    thanks again Richard.. loved seeing your books!!!!!

  13. Richard says:

    I’ll send the images within a few days. We agree about Todd’s books. I too hoped he would be able to continue the series in it’s internally consistent format and just tells us more stories of that wonderful place and it’s inhabitants.

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