A Good Thing is on the way!

Yesterday the cabinet maker called to say installation of bookcases will be done this coming week. Finally!

This 144-inch-wide wall will soon have bookshelves side to side and to a height of 102 inches, which is about to the line I’ve drawn on the photo. That’s 102 square feet of bookcase.

The shelves, of which I’ll post pictures after they are up, will be Poplar, or Ash or Maple or some such wood, stained to match the existing woodwork in the adjacent living room and also adjacent kitchen. It has taken months – and some cost – to get to this point, and we’re excited. My worry is that these shelves won’t hold the inventory, and I’ll have to start looking for other locations in the house for more bookshelves.

At this point, because the already-installed shelves on the lower level in the Library (as I have grandly named it) were only were sufficient for paperback mystery and SF-F, plus a small amount of pulp reprints and room for “growth”, these main level bookcases will need to house everything else: the oversized art and nature books, the hardcover mysteries, which is perhaps the largest category, SF-F, paperbacks of all genres besides those in the Library,mystery and SF-F paperbacks too tall for the Library shelves, non-fiction including reference, as well as poetry, general fiction, classics, music (including the Grove Dictionary), biography, history, architecture, humor, etc.

We don’t have a specific start day and time yet, but we were assured it will be this coming week. That was enough to get Wife pulling boxes of books (63 of them so far) and sorting them into rows and piles, alpha by author. After the bookcases are in and the shelves inserted, we, plus friends who will be dropping by will begin the not unpleasant task of putting each volume in it’s new home. More to come on this.

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15 Responses to A Good Thing is on the way!

  1. Hurray! Love bookcases. Especially when they are full.

  2. Bill Crider says:

    My envy is palpable.

  3. What Charles and Bill said.

  4. Carl V. says:

    Now I understand the supposed “illness”. Get the wife to unpack and alphabetize the books for shelving. Very clever! 🙂

    I’m excited for you to finally be getting these done as well and will be thrilled to see in progress and completed pictures.

  5. Richard says:

    Yes, Bill, I can feel it from here. Charles, I love them when they’re full too, and ready for me to pluck a book off as I choose.

    Randy, to paraphrase the Men’s Warehouse ad, you’re gonna like the way they look, I guarantee it. Carl, I wish I’d thought of that, but I’ve been sick a week – better just today! – and the cabinet maker called yesterday.

  6. Cap'n Bob says:

    I promise you you’ll need more even if these are adequate for now. But they sound quite handsome and I’m happy for you.

  7. Jeff Meyerson says:

    Nice. Can’t wait for the ‘after’ pictures, preferably with close ups.

    As Maggie and Beth can now attest, we have a wall o’ bookcases (not built in though), 17 feet long and 8 feet high, in the den.

  8. Evan Lewis says:

    A sure cure for any illness.

  9. There’s nothing like the feeling of shelving books on new bookshelves. I, too, eagerly await the photos of the finished product.

  10. Richard says:

    Bob, it’s my hope that I can do some weeding once everything is out, though that’s what I thought before the move and then just packed most everything, so we’ll see. It does seem a truism that there are never enough shelves. Of course that wall is bigger than this one Jeff, so you trump me before mine are even in. Sigh.

    Right now it looks like an assemblage of book tables here, as if we’re going to have a big sale… I hope the Wife doesn’t have some secret plan while I’m out later today to have the library pick them up…… Nah.

  11. Patti Abbott says:

    I wish my house looked that clean never mind the books.

  12. Jeff Meyerson says:

    But your shelves are half a foot taller. Do you have a library ladder? I’m betting you have way more books than I do too.

  13. Richard says:

    Jeff, I don’t know about the more books thing. I do know that there are 63 boxes of books that have to go into these shelves and I’m wondering if it’s going to happen. Some of those boxes don’t have a lot of books in them; oversized art and illustration books and the like, and the boxes with the highest count are still hardcovers so there are not as many as if it was paperbacks. We’ll see. No ladder. A two-step or three-step is all that’s needed to reach the top shelf of 102 inch bookcases, at least as I’m 6-1 with fairly long arms.

  14. Jeff Meyerson says:

    No ladder here either as I can reach the top shelf. I do have to get books down for Jackie occasionally.

  15. Richard says:

    The original plan was to have the shelves taller, and include a ladder, a real, rolling, brass brightwork trimmed library ladder. However, this space also needs to accommodate the dining room table and chairs in a useful setup, the ladder needed to have enough pitch to work properly that it was going to push the table too far out. So after several plan revisions, the ladder was scrapped and thus the height was lowered.

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