Gardening in the Pacific Northwest

As someone who came from a completely differently climate, and as a person who loves gardening, I’ve been at sixes and sevens these last few months about what to do here on our larger plot. Various gardening books I had, or bought, were okay in some respects but usually oriented toward other areas or were too generalized to be of much help here,

Finally I found this book, and it’s just the ticket. If you or anyone you know happens to live in Oregon, Washington or costal British Columbia, this is the book to read. I say read, because it’s written in a very readable way, with a touch of gardeners humor and a great deal of insight into the needs and uses of plants in our area. Highly recommended.

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4 Responses to Gardening in the Pacific Northwest

  1. Evan Lewis says:

    Timber Press is a Northwest outfit specializng in books for Northwest gardeners. They usually have a booth at the shows, and they keep sending me emails because I once entered a drawing hoping to win a book for my wife.

  2. Patti Abbott says:

    We have a lot of gardening books and Phil finds them a great comfort through our very long winter. We also get several gardening magazines. Especially like FINE GARDENING. He also gets four cooking magazines. We are keeping the magazine industry afloat.

  3. Bill says:

    All of their books are very good. Excellent reputation.

  4. Richard says:

    Evan – yes, they are in Portland, if I’m not mistaken, and the authors of this book in Washington. This is the best Oregon gardening book I’ve come across. I got their mail-out catalog for years.

    Patti – the difference is I’m trying to learn and Phil is just gazing longingly.

    Bill – absolutely right.

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