Gorey! Bookmarks!

A month or so ago I came across these while visiting the Gorey House website, and I had to have them.

Edward Gorey bookmarks by Gorey House – [printed by Gorey House from art by Edward Gorey, paper, black and white. Each of the images below shows 4 of the 8 bookmarks I bought.

The bookmark has a long and honorable history, and to me they are part of being a Reader. I’ve loved nifty bookmarks for a long time, and I have a good many, though I use them and they inevitably get beat up after a while. That’s okay, that means I can pick up some more when I spot them. Unfortunately, bookmarks are becoming a little scarce. You don’t need one with one with an e-book, and it seems a lot of people reading a print book just use any scrap of paper that falls to hand.

Also having a long and honorable history, though not nearly as long, is the unique, compelling art of Edward Gorey. I’m not sure when I first came across his work, it may have been when I saw a copy of Amphigory and loved it. I have that book and it’s follow-up, Amphigory Two. I’ve since added many additional Gorey titles to my shelves, and I occasionally take them out for a drive. These bookmarks will fuel another of those trips.

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15 Responses to Gorey! Bookmarks!

  1. Drongo says:

    Gorey was a genius, and AMPHIGORY was my first introduction to him as well.

  2. I like those. You didn’t mention one book mark that drives me crazy: folding a corner of a page over. I’ve bought too many used books and see where some previous reader did just that. it drives me nuts.

    I have a good many book marks myself, from metal ones to disposable advertising one. My prides though are the ones that were part of the school photo packages with two of my great nephews’ pics on them. Unfortunately, the practice was discontinued before the third one got to the school.

  3. Charles Gramlich says:

    I’ve got lots of bookmarks and always collect more. I use ’em all the time. Randy hit the nail on the head with his comment. I hate that folding down the corner of book pages.

  4. Richard says:

    Charles, I never dog ear a book page, and finding a page that’s been dog eared like that makes me nuts too. I don’t consider that a bookmark, I consider it damage.

    Drongo – you should take a look at the website.

    Randy – Bookmarks with the kids pictures is a new one to me.

  5. Gorey’s paperback covers (and he did plenty of them) are well worth collecting, too.

  6. Richard says:

    That sounds expensive, George.

  7. Carl V. says:

    I have had a fascination with the work of Edward Gorey since childhood. His artwork graced the covers of the ghost story/scary story books I remember most from my younger days and all these years later I cannot think of gothic literature without Gorey illustrations springing up in my head. He was an amazing talent.

    Love the bookmarks. I love bookmarks in general, and have a small collection of them, but these are particularly nice.

  8. Patti Abbott says:

    I don’t dogear, but I turn the book over. Very careless, I know. Can never keep my hands on a mark.

  9. Richard says:

    Carl – what a nice comment. I’ll be surprised if you don’t order these! I really like his illustrations too.

    Patti – I do turn the book for very brief moments, such as to answer the phone, but I always have a bookmark in the book or next to where I’m reading.

  10. Art Scott says:

    I dog-ear reading copies of some of my paperbacks (needless to say, none that are by any stretch collectible). So sue me. If Nero Wolfe does it, I can do it (you’ll recall he had a hierarchy of bookmarking systems — the thin gold bookmark for the best, dog-earing for the worst).

  11. I use those subscription post cards that fall out of magazines as my book marks, Patti. They’re plentiful and cheap (free!).

  12. Richard says:

    Art – each to his own. Do you also wear yellow silk pajamas?

    George – I recall you telling me that after I ran the bookmark piece in The Perp. As you say, cheap, easy and plentiful.

  13. J F Norris says:

    I want them too! I had a very large collection of Gorey books but decided to sell most of them when I was strapped for cash. I figured what with those reprints I could easily replace them when I was back on my financial feet again.

    The only Gorey covers I still collect are on the John Bellairs juvenile supernatural adventures. He was the perfect choice to illustrate those fantastical and weird books.

    Dog eared corners. Sacrilege! I can’t tell you what a pain in the ass it is to go through every single book I purchase and carefully turn back all the dog eared corners. Sometime the corners just plain break off on the acid paper used in the older editions. I try not to cry.

    I also learned my lesson about Post-Its on older books. A Post-It may be easily removed from today’s acid free paper in books, but I destroyed a 19th century coated endpaper on one of my Wilkie Collins editions when I removed a Post-It note with purchase info on it. Very upset about that.

  14. Jon P. says:

    The book mark with the tower and cat on top, I recently purchased the original art piece for that. It is the artist proof signed by Edward Gorey. It measures 15.5″ x 5.5″. Is that picture from a book or another authors book he illustrated? Any info is greatly appreciated.

  15. Jon, I’ll check the back of the bookmark to see if it says, and comment here again when I do.

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