There’s No TBR!

I just realized something: there’s no To Be Read pile here. It’s G-O-N-E.

No, I haven’t read every book I have in hand that I want to read. No, I didn’t toss out all the books and replace them with idiot electronic files or some such nonsense. It’s just that I took all the books in the old TBR pile and packed them before the move. The books that were added have been stacked up, hanging around. But now the bookcases for softcover books are up and populated, and that includes all the books from those sources as well as everything else from the boxes. The hardcovers are still packed awaiting their shelving. So at this time, you could either say the entire stock of books is the TBR or that there isn’t a TBR at all. I’m taking the latter view.

Not that there won’t likely be a new TBR any time now, but for this brief moment in time Any book I choose to pick up is TBR, or not if I decided to put it back on the shelf and select another. I find it’s most liberating.

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12 Responses to There’s No TBR!

  1. Jeff Meyerson says:

    Time to make a new one! This is what you do, Rick. Set a 10 book limit, choose the 10 and you’re set.

    Easy, right? Shouldn’t take you more than a day or so.


  2. I laugh at a ten book limit. Oh, you may try. but those darn things will creep in there when you aren’t looking. At least that’s the way it seems to me(he said with tongue in cheek).

  3. I tried to come up with a TBR once, and it just didn’t work for me. I go with the theory that every book in the house is the TBR.

  4. Richard says:

    Right now, James, that’s what I have and I must say I’m perfectly okay with it.

    Spent most of the afternoon setting up a new receiver and CD player in the library. Not that it will be a primary music listening room, or maybe it will be, I don’t know, but I wanted more than a boom box and I always have to overdo these things. I’ll post soon on that system. Now back to it.

  5. Richard says:

    … and finished. Man oh man, these new Definitive Technology 8020 ST bipolar speakers are the cat’s meow. Whoa. I cranked them up some and shook the house. Not that I listen to it that loud much, but it’s nice to know it’s an option for those really rowdy moments. Heh, heh, heh.

  6. Evan Lewis says:

    Next thing you know you’ll be able to check out more than one library book at a time.

  7. Patti Abbott says:

    I go with James’ theory. At least half the books in my house are TBR. I secretly believe I will live forever so why not stock up. And the typical book I read is from the library because I am saving the rest.

  8. Jeff Meyerson says:

    The only TBR pile I keep is for library books. Otherwise, I know where everything is (more or less) and can – usually – put my hand on anything that strikes my fancy.

  9. I’m kinda with James, although I do separate books into TBR piles. I have two. But I don’t necessarily pick from those when I go to grab a book.

  10. Carl V. says:

    That is very liberating! I kind of take that view with my books. I don’t keep any of my TBR books separated out. They go wherever the whim of the moment is. I don’t shelve alphabetically (although I USUALLY keep authors works together). I actually shelve on my upstairs shelves by color more than anything, or at least some way that visually strikes my fancy. Downstairs with the paperbacks and overflow books I do shelve them alphabetically.

  11. Richard says:

    Carl – by color isn’t good, in my opinion, the only way to organize books is alpha by author. Then chronologically, for series.

  12. Carl V. says:

    There’s where we differ, my friend. I am a decorator at heart and I love arranging books in ways in which colors, shapes, sizes complement each other. Then again I still have a small enough collection that I can find what I need to without any real problem. If I ever had a “proper” library I would probably go with the alpha system.

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