note: I’ve just – Monday March 7 at 12:30 PST – put up a new set of photos that hopefully will be less confusing and less blurry.

Yesterday Wife and I finished putting the books up in the library. Finally, the paperback mystery and SF-F are out of the boxes! I am delighted. I also had room for most of the pulp reprints I have, which are in no special order at this time. Other books need tidying up as well, but they are pretty much in order. Fiddling with the books is one of the fun things to do later, and I’m serious, I like doing it.

There are some things I know are still to be uncovered, some Fu Manchu omnibus volumes, for instance, that must be in boxes that contain mostly hardcover books and may not have been mined to their depths. Yet this is the majority of them, and suddenly I’m feeling a bit of “is that all?” Well, yes it is, and though I haven’t done a count there are a lot of books here. Perhaps the best thing is that they are single-shelved, so nothing is hidden behind something else. Oh frabjous day!

All of the shelves are adjustable, though I’ve kept them lined up except for a couple of areas. Also, there is some room for growth, should additional books fall into my hands. Heh, heh, heh. The row of short set of shelves I’m using for periodicals and miscellany.

Here are the new pictures I took this morning. Hopefully they are better than in the original post. Also included this time are a better picture of Belle the Book Guard cat, and a signed numbered print of a David Eddings cover, which I hung on an unused door.

The “start” of the shelves is by the window, with mysteries, and those run to the shelf with the reading bear. Below that are the Holmes-related books. At the top of the next column begins SF-F, which I combined this time for ease of shelving. Multiple author collections are at the end of each section. After those are the pulp reprints, not yet alphabetized. Oh, and those cows? From the Milwaukee Bouchercon.

So there you have it. An electrician is coming in a week to install track lighting, I still have a couple prints to put on the one remaining narrow wall, and there is a new Denon receiver and CD changer to go in the closet, and speakers to hook up, but that’s minor stuff.

Phase 2 of this project is the book wall upstairs, which will house the remaining paperbacks (general fiction, poetry, etc.), all the hardcovers, the larger art books and the like. Expect that to begin in a couple of months, after we see how our income taxes look this year.

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21 Responses to Library

  1. Fence says:

    That looks great. One day, when I have a house :), I hope to get something similar

  2. This is my kind of post. I would love to just browse your shelves for a while. I don’t see that many folks who have lots and lots of shelves and books. It’s cool when I do.

  3. Art Scott says:

    Am oozing envy from several pores, having a goodly portion of my books in double shelving myself. And it’s amazing how, even before going to magnified view, I could spot the run of Gold Medal (Prather) and Ballantine Burroughs titles.

  4. Richard says:

    It wasn’t inexpensive – though we got a great price from the carpenter – and it took some time, but it was worth it. They’re so darn nice I’m envious of me.

    Fence – it’s never too soon to start planning!

    Charles, thanks, and you’d be welcome to browse any time

    Art – yes, those books do show up. Not the Shayne one so much. So far I have spent about half an hour in the room since it all went up. The wife insists there are errands and chores to do today! But tomorrow when she’s at work…

  5. Richard says:

    Evan – now it’s time to come visit and browse!

  6. I think Bill Crider would term these photos “book-porn.” I love the wood shelving! I’ve had to go with metal or plastic shelving in the basement. I think wood would just warp down there.

  7. Drongo says:

    1. My goodness. Your library is a thing of beauty.

    2. Some nice-lookin’ shelving there.

    3. I see you have “Dead Run” by Pronzini. I just bought a copy a short time ago, and now it sits at the top of my TBR pile.

    4. Cool that you have the Ace Double with Brackett and Howard. A fellow doesn’t find that book every day.

    5. And by the last photo you’ve apparently hired a watch cat to keep an eye on the collection. Smart move.

  8. Bill Crider says:

    Great stuff! And I loved seeing the Milwaukee cow in there with the books.

  9. Richard says:

    Drongo – Thank you, you looked really closely to spot that Ace Double! I’ve had that one for a long time. Same with the Pronzini. Yes, that’s Belle, one of the two watch cats assigned to the library. The shelving, or bookcases, if you like, are built in modules and then bolted together to form one solid built-in whole.

    Bill – there are four or five of the cows there, and I have a few more somewhere around here still to be brought to bear. I also bought a bunch of pretty nice (and inexpensive, on sale) bookends from the container store to handle the rest of the hold-’em-up duties.

  10. Like Charles, I would love to just look through your shelves. You might have to do a strip search before I leave though. Hah!

    I have some friends that used to come in my younger days that should see this. They used to look at mine and say, in a in credulous tone, “You’ve read all these? I haven’t read a book since I got out of school!”

    Those kind never get us.

  11. Carl V. says:

    Holy cow! Everything looks great! Love the end table and lamp you have next to your chair and ottoman as well. Very nicely done. As you well know I’ve been looking forward to seeing these photos for some time and I am most pleased for you. Every book lover deserves a special place where they can read surrounded by their treasures and you’ve got that in spades. I’ve done some spying at your book titles and will no doubt do some more later as well. Its great that everything is single shelved. I’m not a fan of books being shelved more than one row deep. Its not fair to those poor books that get stuck in the back. 🙂

  12. Steve Lewis says:

    What can I say, Richard? All those books out so you can actually see them and pull them off the shelf whenever you want.

    I am *envious*, that’s what I am.

    Or to put it mildly, Very Nice!

  13. Art Scott says:

    My stock reply to “Have you read all these?” is, “I’ve either read them, intend to read them, or intend to look at the cover more than once.”

  14. Richard says:

    Everyone – There were quite a lot of softcover books that are a little too tall for the height of these shelves as I set them up for maximum usefulness. Those will be going with the hardcovers and others upstairs on the Book Wall when it’s completed (months down the road). What you see in these photos is just the mass market and shorter trades of mystery and SF-F.

  15. Richard says:

    Randy – you’re welcome to stop in and browse if you’re in town. No strip search needed, the cats are trained to sniff out departing books. My reply to that question, and I guess we all get that, don’t we?, is “Mostly, and I’ll get to the rest soon.“. I think Art’s answer is better.

    Carl – thanks, I’m glad you like them. I’m going to try to take a new set of photos today that are more clear. Feel free to spy away… just remember these are only part of the books I have.

    Steve – thanks, much appreciated. It is great to have them out, and I’ll be going through them to tightened up the order of them over the next couple of weeks.

    Art – see my comment, above, in answer to Randy.

  16. Patti Abbott says:

    We have lots and lots of bookcases but other than Phil’s, which are all in his room, the rest are slung around the house. At least one bookcase in every room but the kitchen. I would love this sort of consolidation but alas, too late to do it.

  17. merlin513 says:

    book porn indeed! it all looks wonderful and organized and PLENTY of room for those strays that will wander in later… Lovely!

  18. Jeff Meyerson says:

    Great! I appreciate being able to check through and see the titles.

    Art, I like to quote Bob Adey who, as you know, has umpteen thousands of books. When asked if he’s read them all he’s been known to say, “I’m just finishing up the last one.”

  19. Stan says:

    Wow. A bookcase with room for more books. I didn’t think they still existed . . .

  20. Richard says:

    Who knows how long that space will stay empty, Stan, but for now it’s a treat, or certain.

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