wet, cold, windy

Okay, I know it’s not the same as the midwest snow belt, the east coast or New England, but we have had the wettest winter Portland has seen since the 1960s. I expected rain, it’s a rainy climate here, but even the local weather people are saying “enough is enough!”

So far, since we arrived here in mid-November, we have broken records or at least had notable events: an extremely early snowfall a week before Thanksgiving, records for the lowest high temps in a day and the lowest lows (same day), night temps in the ‘teens a half dozen times (once a year is usual), and now we have exceeded a 120 year record for total seasonal rainfall, with more to come today and the rest of the week. Welcome to Portland.

We still love it here, the property, house, people everything, but a little less of the wet stuff would be okay at this point.

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7 Responses to wet, cold, windy

  1. Patrick will be in Portland for a conference later this month. He might buy a new Apple laptop and a new iPad since your taxes on electronics appears to be ZERO! The taxes on electronics in Washington State is 10%. Our weather problem is not rain, but melting snow. The temps are supposed to go up this week so all our mounds of snow will turn to water that will show up in some people’s basements.

  2. Jeff Meyerson says:

    Florida – don’t hate me because it’s been 80 degrees and sunny for weeks.


    Actually, it rained for only the second time in a month yesterday and now it’s “cooled down” (88 yesterday, which was too hot) to the upper 70’s.

    I’m not looking forward to leaving for home on Sunday.

  3. Patti Abbott says:

    A little less of the white stuff here would be welcome.

  4. Cap'n Bob says:

    Every time a Southern Californian comes up here the same thing happens. Don’t take it personally. 8[>

  5. Carl V. says:

    “Enough is enough” is the perfect mantra for the weather in many places, including here in Missouri. I generally enjoy the winter but I am tired of ice and snow and cold this year. I’m not looking forward to summer (hate the heat) but man would I like a long spring.

    Your experience in Portand reminds me of that of my parents since moving from northern Nebraska to Missouri. Since they’ve moved here we’ve had near record snowfalls, rainfalls, and some pretty hot summers. Feels like they brought the winter weather from Nebraska down here with them.

  6. Richard says:

    George – make sure that sump pump is in top condition !

    Jeff – You’ve had a good run of weather on this trip. I’ll bet they are already talking drought in FLA. And that’s after all the ice on the citrus crops.

    Patti – I’m sure it would be. I think it’s going to be a grim flood season in the midwest river valleys this year.

    Bob – we’re not taking it personally, even if the weather guy did say last night we’re over 250% of normal for March. It is, though, only the 3rd.

  7. Having grown up on a farm and learned to pray a lot for rain, it takes quite a lot of wet stuff to get me down. I usually love rainy days, but I agree, too many in a row can tire you out.

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