full crash, complete recovery

Or something like that. Fired up the iMac this morning and things seemed fine for a minute or two and then it froze. A reboot provided me with an overlapping series of error messages, none of which I could click. Several more reboots, and a few amateur tricks did no good either, so I had to call Apple Care. I will say, they do a great job, starting with having a Toll Free number.

One thing after another was tried, to no avail. Diagnosis was finally a snowballed software glitch (yes, that’s a real thing). Solution? Wipe the hard drive, baby.

That sounds severe, but it’s not – if you have a Mac and if you use Time Machine. This isn’t the first time it’s saved my bacon. So, booting from the OS installation disk, which I just happened to know where I’d put it, I ran a complete system restore, from the Time Machine backup done yesterday afternoon. There was another one late last night, but I believe it’s always best to skip one back.

Two hours and 38 minutes later, 1,750,000 files later, a few hundred applications later, here I am, back – as the saying goes – in business.

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7 Responses to full crash, complete recovery

  1. Todd Mason says:

    Well, as such things go…good. Now for it to never happen again…

  2. Charles Gramlich says:

    I’m lucky in not having had to do this before. My wife has been with it twice though, going back to earlier times in her harddrive.

  3. Richard says:

    Todd – well, it did happen again, this morning. Had to go through a new “repair permissions” process, but appears to be OK now. I can barely wait until tomorrow to see if it boots. This has been a pretty trouble-free computer, until this. It appears to be a glitch in the login file.

    Charles – believe me, the best thing you can do is have current, complete back-ups at all times!

  4. I hate computer problems. Ruins the whole day (or, sometimes week). Fortunately, my son Patrick is a pretty good IT Administrator for this home network. I’ll be looking to buy a new computer around Christmastime.

  5. Richard says:

    George, if I were buying a new one, it would be A MAC.

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