Waiting on the Numbers

I had a carpenter come to the house Wednesday, told him what I wanted in the way of bookcases and CD storage. After making sure we understood what was wanted and so on, he left and later called with his estimate for the work.

The second carpenter came yesterday afternoon, I went through the same routine with him. He’ll be calling this afternoon or this evening with his estimate.

So I’m sitting here waiting. The first was more expensive than we’d expected, but I may just be out of touch. If the second bid is is anything like the 1st one, I may have to try to build some of the stuff myself. THAT’s a really scary thought! It’s not that I don’t have the tools, or most of them, it’s just that I’ve never been able to develop much carpentry skill. Oh I can do some rough stuff and some repair work, but I’m not up to stuff like hanging doors, building bookcases, doing any finished carpentry. Probably with more attempts and practice, and maybe someone to give a little guidance, I could manage it , but I need this stuff pretty much right away. So we’ll see what happens. Come on, phone, ring.

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4 Responses to Waiting on the Numbers

  1. I don’t have the tools or the temperament for high level carpentry, Rick. Given the poor economy, you’d think those guys would be eager for your job.

  2. Evan Lewis says:

    Yikes. Hold onto your wallet.

  3. Might be time to go to Ikea. Or Big Lots, which is what I did.

  4. Jeff Meyerson says:

    What George said. Or Laurie.

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