going, going, gone…….

Escrow has closed, the home in southern California is sold, the sale recorded an hour ago. We feel fortunate to have sold it so quickly – it was listed the day before Thanksgiving – and at our price.

I bought the place new in 1988 and it suited me perfectly. Of course, being new, it had raw dirt for a back yard, no window coverings, etc. A brand new, empty home which I filled with furniture and book cases and love over the years. I put a lot of time and effort into the patio, and every visitor and neighbor praised it’s design and beauty.

Five years ago after we got married, we moved into my place, sold hers, paid off the small remaining mortgage and squeezed two households into the 990 square foot, two bedroom, two bath place, the two of us plus my two cats and her three. It’s been tight quarters for the past half decade and we certainly appreciate our new larger home here in the Oregon!

It was my first new home, my first owned home of any kind, and I got pretty attached to it, but it’s sold now, someone else can enjoy it and we have a wonderful place in which we’re getting settled, slowly, and every day is an adventure here, finding things, both in boxes and around town, discovering the weather and moods of sky, forest, animals.

I may miss a few things about the old place, likeĀ having those tender warm-climate plants, but mostly I’m happy to here, not there. I wouldn’t want to go back and live there again. Right now, though, I sure do miss those built-in book cases.

So a new year is about to begin, and with it we shed our past home and focus on our new life here in the beautiful pacific northwest. I’m grinning.

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Enjoying life in Portland, OR
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13 Responses to going, going, gone…….

  1. Bill Crider says:

    Congrats on the quick sale!

  2. Todd Mason says:

    Congratulations! Glad that the stressors are lessening, and things are looking good in the new digs. Five cats still? Have they integrated OK?

  3. Richard says:

    Bill – thanks! Frankly I was afeared it would take months. We had multiple offers on the place before the realtor even had an open house, and countered two of them, then let them battle it out. It was on the market just 7 days before we accepted an offer. Thirty day escrow and voila, here we are. I just about tripled my purchase price, even after the fiscal dump. Not bad.

  4. Richard says:

    Todd – Mostly, but two of them really despise each other. I have no idea why, but from the moment they saw each other it was hissing and arched backs and has remained that way for years. They pretty much just stay in different parts of the house, and with this larger place it’s much better.

  5. Scott Cupp says:

    Congrats on the closing! 2011 looks to be good for you. Of course, there is the end of the world in 2012 to look forward to.

  6. Richard says:

    That’s been overstated, Scott, it’s just that batteries will no longer work when we hit the Great 2012 Battery Meltdown. Those who don’t rely too heavily on batteries will be fine.

  7. Real estate values are likely fall another 10% in 2011. Be happy you sold your house in So. Cal. We were ecstatic when we sold my Mom’s house in June. What a relief!

  8. Jeff Meyerson says:

    Congratulations! In this economy particularly that is indeed great news. I know several people who thought they had sold their homes only to have the deals fall through for one reason or another, so this is great.

  9. Richard says:

    We’re glad we have sold it, and it’s recorded now so all that’s left is see the money, sent by wire, in our account. George, you didn’t also face seeing your just-bought house lose that 10%.

  10. Patti Abbott says:

    The happiest of New Years.

  11. Wow, I wished I had had a sale of my house like you did. You were definitely in the minority this year. Congrats – that must be a relief.

  12. That’s good news in today’s market. Congrats.

  13. Richard says:

    Thanks to all and to all a good year!

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