Odds ‘n’ Ends

I’m sorry to report there’ll be no Friday Forgotten Book again this week. The fact is the bookcase situation (having none yet) isn’t any closer to being solved. It’s a budget issue, plain and simple. Other things need doing, the primary one being storage in the garage so I can get all the tools, gardening equipment, painting-staining-fixing stuff and the rest of it put into cabinets, onto open shelves or at least hung up in a fashion that allows me to (a) find what I need, and (b) use it as needed, which will likely require some garage floor space and a workbench. That is in the works, plans have been drawn, bids are being procured. The irony is I can’t do it myself because the tools are on the floor, etc. though the truth is I’m happy to let a pro do it with good quality construction and prompt installation. Experience has taught me the best way to go is with closet installers, all of whom also do garage cabinets. I expect an entire setup to be installed and much of the stuff organized and put away by a month from now. Yep, that’s a long time, but it is what it is.

We’re keeping our fingers crossed, knocking wood and all such stuff, as the escrow on the condo seems to be moving along nicely, and we could have the proceeds from the sale as early as December 30. We’d like to complete the transaction in the same fiscal – calendar – year as the purchase for tax purposes and also because it would be nice to shore up the ol’ bank account. That would speed the bookshelf installation (mentioned above).

While trying to clear papers from the desk, and after sending our Christmas cards, much later than usual I came across an envelope with the mileage numbers from our drive here from Orange County, CA. We came 1,101 miles, which I figure is a far piece.

A box arrived yesterday containing a book. I’ve decided it’s a Christmas present so Wife will wrap it, but of course I know it’s the Mark Twain autobiography Volume 1. You can now guess what I’ll be doing the afternoon of Christmas Day, beside cooking the holiday feast

E-Day 2 – the thing is finally done, after one small misadventure with the cable to AV receiver cables, and we now have HD TV, Blu-ray DVD player, and CD player fully functional. I may need to add a subwoofer, as the L, R + Center speaker setup is lacking in base, but it’s all in and works. I haven’t trained any of the remotes, so right now we’re using 5 of them, but I’ll get that done soon. The one regret is that we are limited by the built-in cabinet in the living room to a 42 inch TV. The picture, while having the wide aspect ration and good quality, is hardly larger than the 36″ analog set on the lower level, and the furniture setup makes us sit further away. I wanted a 52″ but space didn’t allow it. Can’t have everything.

Last Notice – our old email address with Cox will be going away in a week or two, by the first of the year for sure. If you have a cox.net email address for the ol’ Bullhorn, please delete it and use the comcast.net one instead. If you don’t have that one, email me on the old one and I’ll update you. Thanks.

We hope everyone is having a good holiday season, and to those of you who are experiencing super-winter, may you be blessed with something a bit milder in the coming week! As for here, today is the first cloudless sky and sunny day – so far – in a few weeks and I’m enjoying it, though it’s chilly outside. We’ve decided to skip most of the seasonal decorating and won’t be having a tree. It’s another casualty of moving so close to the holidays. Next year!

I’ll leave you with a photo of our new sofa and matching chair, replete with two of the cats, because one can never have too many cat or furniture pictures, right? The sofa and chair are a corduroy-like microfiber suede, supposedly very tough and cleanable. Sure are comfy. Please ignore the messy table, it isn’t always like that! Enjoy your Thursday: breathe deep, seek peace, read something.

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11 Responses to Odds ‘n’ Ends

  1. You and your wife have made a lot of headway towards settling your new home. I’m celebrating the end of the semester. All my grades are turned in, all the paperwork is in the right bureaucratic channel, and the students seem mostly happy (but there are always a few Grinches). Keep stimulating the economy!

  2. Sounds like a busy time but I’m glad the move itself is done and now you can get settled in. Over 1000 miles. Wow.

  3. Evan Lewis says:

    That house is starting to look lived in.

  4. Glad to see you’re getting settled in, though a ways to go. It won’t be long before the routine(not a great word, but you know what I mean) gets back to normal.

  5. Patti Abbott says:

    I have to say that your journey has frightened me. Maybe I just better stay put. Detroit or not.

  6. Richard says:

    The thing is, Patti, that though each day has it’s chores and frustrations, each week sees progress and improvement, in the house, our lives and our attitude. Yes, there is expense and a lot of work, and if you happen to have better luck with your cable/internet/phone provider – it couldn’t be much worse – you’d likely be fine. Just waking up and enjoying the sunrise (about 7:00 am at this time of year) each morning, watching the light play across the hills and the rivers of cloud below us in the valley makes it all worthwhile! If I lived where you do, or at least in that area, I’d be eager to find a happier place. You could certainly do a lot worse than Portland!! The people are all really friendly and the land is beautiful.

  7. Richard says:

    … and I have a really great realtor here if you need one. Come on in, the water’s fine.

  8. Carl V. says:

    I’ll keep fingers and toes crossed that things work out so that the bookshelf installation comes along quickly. And not just because I selfishly want to see pics of how it all turns out! 🙂

    Great furniture. It looks really comfy. And what a gorgeous cat! Love that coloring.

  9. Jeff Meyerson says:

    That room looks not unlike ours (without the cats), except our couch and chairs are a dark orange. The coffee table and floor look the same.

  10. Patti Abbott says:

    We also have a rug much like that. I’d feel right at home.

  11. Todd Mason says:

    My two coffee tables, in two separate rooms, do always look like that or more cluttered. Happy to see the cats settling in well!

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