E-Day Part 1

Sometimes, it’s the little things. You know, a few little marshmallows sprinkled on the top of the mug of hot coco, finding a close parking place just as it starts to rain, accidently finding something you thought was long lost. Or in my case today, it’s finally getting one of the two sound / entertainment systems fully operational. Yes, the downstairs setup has been mostly working, at least enough to watch television, but the CD and DVD players had been disconnected, the huge piece of furniture, euphemistically called the “entertainment center” was sitting off kilter so the back could be reached. The darn thing, made of oak, weighs 400 lb. with the old analog Sony TV in it, and it’s one difficult item to move, especially on carpet.

I decided today would be E Day, (electronics day), and we started with that partial system. As I type this, it’s all happily plugged together, operational, in place, and the Chicago-New England pro football game is on. Whew, one down.

Tomorrow will be E-Day part 2, I’ll do the main floor system, all the brand new stuff, the HD television, Yamaha AV Receiver and Yamaha CD player and the, Klipsch speakers, not to mention the swell Comcast cable box (bleah). But that’s tomorrow.

In about two hours, I’ll put up the New Arrivals post. Stay tuned!

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2 Responses to E-Day Part 1

  1. Bill Crider says:

    Congrats, and be glad you’re not sitting in the stands at that game!

  2. Richard says:

    Not only cold, but an awful blowout! So is the Seahawks game. * Sigh *

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