My Pals at the P.O.

Today will be the 5th, maybe the 6th, day in a row I’ve gone to the Post Office. This time of year that should qualify me for some kind of iron man award. It’s not just Christmas cards and packages, it’s those plus paperwork on the home sale, on moving here stuff still not wrapped up, like auto insurance certifications. Everybody these days wants signed, often notarized, original documents, mailed certified mail. It seems since 9/11, and since the thieves and scammers started their wholesale attack on honest folks, the few bad apples have made everything more difficult for all of us.

Fortunately there is a small P.O. nearby, not a Postal counter in the local pharmacy like we had before, but at least it’s not too far from home.

Today we’ll be having some stuff notarized and then I’ll be going to the P.O. again, and mailing some more cards as well. The new here is that last night Wife found the missing Christmas cards, after we’d bought more just two days ago. They were, ahem, about four feet from my desk, in a box clearly marked “cards” in which I’d assumed was desk files. Duh.

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2 Responses to My Pals at the P.O.

  1. We’re still finding “lost” stuff from out last move. And we’ve been in this house 13 years! The post office guys told me that they’ve noticed a decline in the number of Christmas cards people are sending this year. We’ve reduced our list to mostly out-of-town family and friends. My Mom and Dad used to send out a 100 Christmas cards! But that’s when stamps were 4 cents. Things have changed.

  2. Jeff Meyerson says:

    Keep going in there and you’ll soon be eligible for their frequent mailer discount!

    Seriously, I’ve noticed our local PO (which I seldom use, other than the machine where I can send packages first class without dealing with a clerk) has become much more customer friendly of late. They are really getting more desperate for our business every day.

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