Sold – we hope

We have accepted an offer for the SoCal house, for below initial asking, but at a fair price in this market. The place had a lot of interest and we had multiple offers on it before there was even an open house. So we’re in the process of signing all of the bloody papers (we just went through all this buying this place!) and so forth, but we’re hoping everything goes smoothly – the buyer seems well qualified and is putting 30% down – and escrow will close before the end of the year, just barely. Once that happens we can clean up the rest of our business ties to SoCal and that will be good.

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8 Responses to Sold – we hope

  1. Bill Crider says:

    Congrats. It’s great to have that taken care of. Well, almost.

  2. You’re lucky to sell your SoCal property this quickly. The real estate market is still soft and property values are likely to fall another 10% in the next few months. Sign the papers and laugh all the way to the bank!

  3. Cap'n Bob says:

    It’s all gravy at this point, I imagine. Good luck on closing.

  4. Good deal on selling the old place. Good memories there, I’m sure, but now that it’s off your hands, you can forge new memories and soon the house will be a home.

  5. Jeff Meyerson says:

    Excellent! In this economy that’s great news and hope it goes as well as your purchase did, if not better.

  6. Richard says:

    Better would be good. We got held up by the lender and escrow into a nightmare of last minute re-verifications and bullshit.

  7. Patti Abbott says:

    It would have sat on the market for a year here-until you lowered it to half of what it was worth two years ago.

  8. Richard says:

    The condo had lots going for it: the floor plan is really excellent, living larger than it’s square footage, it is an end unit with lots of light, and it is single story. The other three floor plans in the complex are all two story, and though slightly larger, the stairs can be a barrier to many people. We recarpeted the entire home, repainted all of it, the kitchen was gutted and redone with high-end cabinets and granite just 15 months ago, there is a ton of owner-added storage in the garage, and it has a less than two-year old high-end Trane AC/furnace system. In all we put nearly $35 grand into the place in the last 3 years, not knowing we’d be moving. Plus the patio is beautifully hardscaped and landscaped (I laid the brick work myself) and is very private with mature trees. If it goes through (knock wood) we’ll get 2.8% below asking, while the average is about 6% right now.

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