Downtown at the Library

Wife had a Christmas-Holiday luncheon thingie today, so we drove downtown. It was cool but dry, and we parked in one of the Smart Park garages, she walked to her luncheon and I went to the main Multnomah County Library building and got a card.

It’s a fine old building, beautiful quarter-sawn oak doors and fixtures, inlaid marble floors, three floors of books, periodicals and collections. A really fine place to visit. I had to check something out, of course, so I got this:

A collection of 17 short stories, these are those stories Penzler got mystery writers to donate to the shop, he printed them as gifts for steady customers. Now they are collected in this volume and I figured this might make good holiday reading, as I’ve not had much reading energy for anything else what with the ongoing effort to get settled in here.

We still have not found the Christmas cards we bought in September. Knowing we’d want to mail them from here we cleverly put them aside. Somewhere. They must be with the Christmas presents for my brother and sister-in-law, and our binoculars, and a lot of other stuff we haven’t found, though we have pretty much opened every box here. ** sigh ** Cards will be late this year…

Later we went to the Post Office. Long lines and I realized how spoiled I was using a small USPS desk at a local pharmacy. Rare lines, fast service. Now it’s the old P.O. lines and humdrum. Oh well. There seems to be so darn much to do every day, I wonder if we will ever get really settled in. Tomorrow? Back tot he Post Office (mail for the previous person is coming here now and I have to mail a BookSwap book), then I have lots of business calls to make. I long to just put my feet up and read.

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4 Responses to Downtown at the Library

  1. Carl V. says:

    Sounds like a lovely library, I wish you had taken pics! That book looks like a fun one to settle into the holiday season with.

    Post office woes? I can understand that. When I can I try to use the post office in the grocery store (Hy Vee chain) as it generally doesn’t have a line.

  2. Evan Lewis says:

    Multnomah County has an outstanding library system, and the downtown site is merely the flagship. Your closest branch is probably Capitol Hill. PLUS – you can get cards from the Washington County library network. There’s one of those close by in Tigard. BUT WAIT! You also get the Clackamas County library system, and there’s one right down the road in Lake Oswego. Along with books, tons of DVDs and CDs are yours for the grabbing.

  3. Jeff Meyerson says:

    You could have put the Bookswap “on vacation” to give yourself a break. How do you find the books you need to mail if everything is in boxes? I usually get a bunch of two cent stamps as many of the books I mail are $2.24 and then I don’t need to go to the PO.

    Around here we have a couple of small sub-post offices (I guess you’d call them) which are open for shorter hours (open at 9 for instance, and are closed on Saturdays) but generally have much shorter lines.

  4. Richard says:

    Carl – new post coming today with pictures.

    Evan – I didn’t know that, thought it was only the county I’m in… will get started on that right away. Well, pretty soon.

    Jeff – I put the bookswap books in a separate box and it surfaced almost at the beginning of the unpacking. I did a hold for a month, but I’m back in business now. I used to go to a small Post Office in the community pharmacy, as I said, but have found no such animal here. Yet.

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