The Man with The Plan

Today will be busy. Wife and I are about to leave for the first Saturday in December shopping event, during which we hope to buy every gift on the list, gas up the car, go by the lumber yard (4×4 scraps are needed for speaker set-up), buy Monster cable (again, speaker set-up) and she has a hair appt. at 12:45 so we have to be back by 12:30. Coincidently, the Civil War game, Oregon Ducks vs. Oregon State Beavers, is on at…12:30! Go Ducks!

It’s a lot to ask of any man, but I have a plan; I know where we’re going, in what order and have alloted a time frame to each stop. I’m not usually this Type-A about shopping, but sometimes a man has to do what he has to do. So here’s the plan: I drop of the Wife at the mall-place, get gas and go to Ultimate Electronics for, oh, maybe an hour or so, then drive down to the book store for another hour or so. Heh, heh. Then I go pick her up at our meeting spot, looking tired, frazzled and worn-out (not to difficult these days, it seems) and we grab an on-the-go lunch and rush back home.

Time to go! I’ll let you all know how it turned out, stay tuned!

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13 Responses to The Man with The Plan

  1. Bill Crider says:

    What a great plan. I hope it works.

  2. Diane has just about completed our Holiday buying. I’m glad you and the Meyersons are picking up the spending slack.

  3. Jeff Meyerson says:

    We are definitely doing that. Besides putting in orders for DVD boxed sets from England and DVDs and books from Amazon, Jackie bought 8 boxes of tiles for the kitchen work which we’re having done while we’re in Florida in February – new sink, cabinet, countertop and backsplash.

    Good thing her Social Security kicked in last month.

  4. Richard says:

    Wow, way to go, Jeff. We got through all our stops – though we decided to put one of them off until tomorrow – and home by 12:15, groceries put away and chip and dip made and I was in the chair at 12:30 for the kickoff. OU doesn’t look as good as they ought to, but they are ahead.

    VERY windy here today, sunny, but windy.

  5. Drongo says:

    Ducks just won. Whew! Glad that’s over.

  6. Jeff Meyerson says:

    It was 38 here, overcast and very windy, but dry.

    Nice work, Rick. Did Barbara get to the hairdresser?

  7. Richard says:

    Yes, the game was a little too close for the first half, and I’m glad it’s over too, Drongo. I fear Auburn, however.

    Yes, she got there on time and really likes her new hair person, got the best cut and color she’s had in years and it cost about the same as the last place she went, which was inexpensive. The guy moved here from Beverly Hills about 20 years ago.

    We had the second power outage of the day just after the Ducks game. When we got up this morning the clock on the stove was flashing, etc. apparently the power had been out for nearly 2 hours. This evening it was out for 1.5 hours. Our lines to the grid go trough a forested patch and with the high winds, apparently they have had problems with (dead) branches falling. Good thing Wife had gotten the holidays candles out already. Bad thing was we didn’t have a single flashlight, every battery had gone south. I’ll be doing battery shopping tomorrow, especially for the large lantern. If this keeps up I’ll buy a small generator.

  8. Evan Lewis says:

    I’m nosy. As a brand-spanking-new Oregonian, what made you throw your allegiance to the Ducks over the Beavers?

  9. Patti Abbott says:

    I do exactly the same thing with Phil. Tell him I’ll clean the house while he picks up some odds and ends. And here I am. Don’t tell.

  10. Richard says:

    Evan – that’s a good question. I’ve had a favorite team in each state: WA Huskies – my parents lived in Seattle for several years, UO Ducks, UCLA Bruins, AZ Wildcats – my alma mater – for a long time. I guess OSU just stayed under my radar.

    Patti – mum’s the word.

  11. Evan Lewis says:

    Don’t really care about either the Ducks or Beavers, though I root (mildly) for the underdog. Preferring the Huskies to the Cougars, though, that’s just wrong.

  12. Jeff Meyerson says:

    On the East Coast we get a lot less coverage of West Coast teams as a rule, other than places like UCLA and USC. I admit that I pay a lot more attention to college basketball (Big East and then ACC) than football.

    What happened to the promised New Arrivals this week?

  13. Carl V. says:

    I’m glad to see your plan went off more or less without a hitch and that you got back in time to watch the game.

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