There’s in, and There’s IN

Here it is about 7:00 p.m. on Wednesday, and chaos reigns supreme here at the new nest in the piney woods on the side of the windy hillside, otherwise known as our new home in Portland Oregon. Okay, maybe that chaos isn’t reigning supreme, but it’s doing a darn good job of making itself felt in every aspect of life.

The Good News: we’re here, we’re in the house. We walked the space Monday, but our stuff didn’t arrive until Tuesday morning. It got to the street outside after the truck and 53 foot trailer got stuck a couple of blocks away making a wide turn and dropping a rear wheel into a ditch. There are many of those – ditches – in our neighborhood, seeing as it’s pretty much all two lane roads with little to no shoulders, just pavement, a few inches of soft leaves and dirt and then trees, or bushes, or vines. Anyway, the truck got here about an hour and a half late. They got right to unloading but it was slow work since we had to look at every box to see it’s marking in order to know where to tell the guy holding it, or with it on a hand truck, to put it.

They marked our living room stuff “family room” but now there is a living room and a family room. They marked the kitchen and dining room stuff “kitchen” but now there is a kitchen and a dining room plus a kitchenette downstairs. They marked stuff “bedroom” and now there are four of those. Plus the books – marked study – some went down, some stayed upstairs, and the room we had planned on being the new study was out because the door is unusually narrow and the desk doesn’t go in. Temporary quarters until major carpentry happens, which is NOT on the priority list right now.

The Not So Good News: naturally, there are boxes, labelled with mysterious scrawls like “lame smurfs” which turned out to be lamp shades. Where is the coffee pot? The Craftsman high-speed drill? Wife’s Very Expensive sewing machine? We have no idea, and as I type this 2/3 of the stuff has been unpacked or at least opened and looked upon.

Comcast came today. We needed internet, phone and cable TV hooked up. I was assured when I called over a week ago there would be No Problem! Bit of a chore running a couple of new lines, but it got done. Then we were told our perfectly good modem, which we own, won’t work because Comcast has this special setup with phone and data intertwined in one cable and it takes a special modem which we have to – ahem – rent from them because they are not for sale from Comcast or anywhere else. Don’tcha just love that proprietary baloney? Yeah, me neither.

Then we were told we couldn’t get internet. Huh? Turns out their fancy modem didn’t work “These are a new model, and we’ve been having some problems with them” I was told. Okay, how about one of the old models? Nope, only new ones going in now. The tech went through 3 modems, each of which has to go through a mysterious “downloading” cycle prior to being operational. (One would think they would do their downloading before bringing the thing out.)

Finally about 3 hours later, with tow more Comcast guys and a long conversation with the “office” they got a modem operational. I was told they had to “back door it”, and that meant the regular activation process wasn’t happening. Got internet! Yay! Oh, but no email. The special set-up cancelled the email portion of the activation. They will call in a few days when they “figure it out”. Boy oh boy, these Comcast people are great, aren’t they? Sure they are.

The cats arrived while the second Comcast guy – maybe it was the third one – was here. He got called out because they couldn’t hook the set-top box (which is required because they have this special system…) to my AV Receiver. Worked just fine with Cox, in SoCal, but here, nope. No way to hook it together. None, zip, nyet. So the whole TV and stereo system, in hit’s huge piece of furniture that the movers busted their backs to get to the basement, is a giant door stop. I can watch the basic TV channels. No DVD, no VHS. I can play a CD, but that has nothing to do with the cab;e TV I’m paying for.

“We’re sorry, but we don’t do work on people’s entertainment systems” I was told. So you just stick in a box that won’t work with the equipment (the receiver is only a few years old!) and walk, and if it doesn’t work, not your problem? Yep, I was told, that’s right. Stay tuned, I’m sure this will get better.

Meanwhile, I’ll go have some cold pizza, because we have been in lockdown all day because of Comcast and other vendors coming and going plus trying to find everything. Or anything, depending on how you look at it, on this very windy, very wet day. Some pretty yellow and orange leaves blew past one of the rain-streaked windows, I think.

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18 Responses to There’s in, and There’s IN

  1. Cap'n Bob says:

    I loathe Comcast. They send me a piece of mail nearly every day inviting me to become a customer and I’m tempted to save them all in a box and dump that box in their lobby every first Monday in January with a loud, “NO!” Luckily, Tacoma has its own system, Click, which is cheaper and with better service. Good luck getting settled in.

  2. I’m sorry you’re having all the technology problems. Fingers crossed that they get straightened out quickly.

    By the way, the Lame Smurfs would be a good name for a band.

  3. Jeff Meyerson says:

    I was just going to say that too, James.

    Also, one could make a remark re Comcast and “Lame Smurfs” but that would be wrong.

    Or would it?

  4. I hear it’s supposed to be good luck when it rains on move-in day. Or is that on wedding days? Whatever. It rained when I moved into my first house in So Cal and it was wonderful.

  5. Bill Crider says:

    I always thought the Smurfs were pretty lame. Things will get better. I hope the cats can adjust!

  6. I have heard nothing good about Comcast. We have Time-Warner and so far they’re providing good service. Good luck settling all that stuff!

  7. Sorry about your problems. Hope they get ironed out soon. Like George, I have Time-Warner and, while I can’t say I have service has been great, the problems I had have been minor and required only two visits.

  8. Chris says:

    What is this “internet” you speak of?

  9. Richard says:

    – I can receive, but not send email at the old email address. (??)
    – Cats are settling in, but we suspect there will be some territorial shuffling.
    – We have found the coffee pot. A major discovery.
    – We may have to re-think our entire entertainment strategy. Beginning to look like we will have a video area (TV, DVD, VHS) and a separate, in different location, audio (receiver, CD). What I’d thought was going to be a move it in, hook it up scenario is becoming buy a bunch of new equipment, rethink what is where. Stay tuned.

    Meanwhile, it was a beautiful sunrise this morning and our drive to Starbucks was really nice. Now it’s clouded up and has begun to rain again, but hey, that’s what it does here and we’re fine with that. This could be an expensive day: Costco, Best Buy, Macy’s, etc.

  10. Jeff Meyerson says:

    That last sentence sounds like Jackie’s dream day. Wait, it sounds like every day.


  11. Richard says:

    Best Buy and Macy’s have been put off, apparently it’s Costco and Bed Bath & Beyond. Wife’s priorities prevail, electronics can wait…

  12. I’m glad you and your wife are stimulating the economy, Rick. Very patriotic of you. I see COSTCO and BED BATH & BEYOND stock prices are up. And the suckers are buying GM.

  13. ComcastMark says:

    Sorry for the frustrating experience. I work for Comcast. Please feel free to contact me so that we can assist further.

    Mark Casem
    Comcast Corp.
    National Customer Operations

  14. Patti Abbott says:

    I heard a guy in a restaurant today say he’d be completely happy to have remained in 1980 and I think I agree most days.

  15. Jeff Meyerson says:

    We got our first VCR at the end of 1980, Patti.

    It’s a long way from there to here.

  16. merlin513 says:

    Glad you’re in. Just remember in the long run you’ve already got all the stuff you ‘really’ need…wife, books, cats & coffee…inunder a roof that doesn’t leak! good luck with all the extras tho. ^_^

  17. Cap'n Bob says:

    Well, Mark from Comcast, I’d be obliged if you’d take me off their mailing list. Also, take “Store Jordis” off the list. Somewhere in the past that name was added to a sucker list under my address. I managed to get the credit card companies to dump it, but Comcast is still annoying me with this ficticious moniker. I’d appreciate it.

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