Saturday Notes

It’s raining again this morning, which would not be a remarkable thing if we were already in Portland, just about 3 weeks from today, but since we’re still in southern California it’s worth mentioning. The local Art Walk is today, a fun outdoor event with local artists – mostly amateurs – from all over SoCal exhibiting their works in three-sided booths, along with vendors of food and drink. The rain will certainly put a damper (oops) on that, it’s not rained on any previous Art Walk, so we’ll see how that goes.

Meantime, there is much to do here, the last of the books to pack, about 30 more boxes or so. Here’s a peek at what I came back from Bouchercon to:

Also other packing of some fragile items needs to be done, not to mention the usual things like yard work, which the rain will also affect.

I haven’t looked at the football schedule for today, we did enjoy Oregon’s big win over UCLA Thursday night. I seem to have become more of a college football fan than a pro football one, a reversal from the previous decades. Other than the Seahawks and Chargers, we don’t care much who wins the other pro games we see, just hope for a good game not marred by injury or penalty mistakes.

Have a great weekend, everyone, I’ll be looking in on you Monday and might even have something new for this space.

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7 Responses to Saturday Notes

  1. Carl V. says:

    It is a much bigger risk with outdoor events in the fall here in the Midwest, and I always feel terribly sorry for the vendors, artists, etc. when festival weather is bad. So many of them count on that for their livelihood. I hope it lets up there and that the Art Walk folks have a good weekend.

  2. Oregon is the best college football team in America right now.

  3. Patti Abbott says:

    Not a question for here really, but what about Portland drew you away from CA.?

  4. Richard says:

    Right in the middle of packing boxes of… books, but will give you an answer when done. It’s a solid question.

  5. When I was younger I didn’t mind packing up all my books and then unpacking again, but these days my legs and back don’t like the effort.

  6. Drongo says:

    How sweet was Thursday’s game.

  7. Richard says:

    Oh yeah. Funny thing, I have a Pac 10 family, my father went to UCLA, my mother Stanford, my brother USC and I went to Arizona (which along with Ariz. State was in the WAC at that time and the Pac 10 was the Pac 8). Now we’re about to be in Oregon and I’m a Ducks fan. Still Pac 10. Until next year. Then Pac 12, and I expect it to go to Pac 14.

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