This Book Could Be Yours!

I bought this, read it, now it needs a new home.

The Investigations of Avram Davidson
edited by Grania Davis and Richard Lupoff
St. Martin’s Press, hardcover first edition, February 1999
in excellent condition.

Here’s how you can make it yours. It’s a variation on the radio call-in contest: Wife picked a number, 1-10.

After there are ten requests, the person who’s request comment matches that number (first = 1, second = 2, etc.) gets the book. Begging and pleading will be to no avail.

I’ll announce the number, get that person’s snail mail address, send the book. Nice and simple.

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15 Responses to This Book Could Be Yours!

  1. Evan Lewis says:

    I was tempted to post 10 requests, but I suppose I’ll play fair and make only one. This is it.

  2. Scott Cupp says:

    I guess that night make me number 2. I would love it.

  3. Bill Crider says:

    Here’s hoping #4 is the charm.

  4. Jeff Meyerson says:

    Do not count this as #5 – I already bought it and read it and passed it on myself.

    Good plan, though.

  5. I’ll go with number 7.

  6. Richard says:

    Sorry, George, your post is the 5th one, not the 7th. You’re # 5. Good luck!

  7. Todd Mason says:

    I picked up a copy to give to Patti Abbott the other day, but I still need to replace my first edition, which has a repeated and also a missing (fancy that) signature. So, I guess I’m No. 6, no free man, unless someone sneaks in ahead of me here.

  8. Richard says:

    I didn’t notice any problems with the signatures, but then I read the book in bits and pieces over a couple of years (it was stored for a while, then in back of double shelving for a while… I could have missed it entirely. But this is the FE, as advertised. Good luck!

  9. Todd Mason says:

    No, in my (first) copy, there was a binder’s error…something like the third signature was repeated where the fourth should be. I don’t recall why I didn’t exchange it, but something kept me from getting back to where I’d gotten it, for whatever reason.

    (Lucky #7 not yet heard from.)

  10. Todd Mason says:

    Sadly, I’m not sure there’s ever been a second edition and perhaps not even a second printing.

    I will clutter your email box with the offer of the downloadable new SHERLOCK HOLMES and ADVETURE TALES issues…or perhaps simply post the links here:

    Sherlock Holmes Mystery Magazine #4 and Adventure Tales #6 may be downloaded via

    Click to access shmm4.pdf

    Click to access AT6.pdf

    This is the first time I’ve tried to use RapidShare, so if it doesn’t work, my
    apologies. (In my defense, I tried it on one of the office computers first, and
    it worked.)


    Also available as Torrent downloads. (You will need a Torrent download
    client, such as utorrent (free from

    Please help seed once you have downloaded them.

  11. Tassma says:

    I could use some luck almost as much as a new read.

  12. Richard says:

    Tassma – you are #7, good luck!

  13. merlin513 says:

    huh, never even seen or heard of that author, but i’m always up for a good mystery!
    Heard about your imminent move. It’s a beautiful house, good luck and enjoy exploring the new environs!

  14. Patti Abbott says:

    Well, I wish I had been here to put my lot in but since Todd has one for me, I’m set. Congrats to Bill. And thanks to Todd.

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