Revelation Space

by Alastair Reynolds, © 2000, Ace mass market 2002 paperback, first of Revelation Space series – science fiction

In spite of positive “critical reviews”, after 94 pages of this one I gave up. The number of plotlines, subplots, characters, timelines and flashbacks simply overwhelmed me. Admittedly, I read it at a somewhat chaotic time, going through the process of selling a home, buying a new one in another state and setting up the move from one to the other. I wanted a book that gripped me, took me to another place for a few hours,  and this did not do the job.

Reynolds may well be a fine writer and his books seem to be much appreciated by the SF community, but this one was a disappointment for me and I doubt I’ll try another of his works.

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5 Responses to Revelation Space

  1. If you decide to give Alastair Reynolds another try, I’d recommend one of his much shorter books, THE PREFECT. Some of Reynolds’ longer books require a lot of commitment over the six or seven hundred pages.

  2. Patti Abbott says:

    You probably need to choose short linear plots for the next few months. They can be very restful.

  3. Richard says:

    George – perhaps, but for now at least I’ll follow Patti’s advice.

    Patti – good suggestion, maybe I’ll take an old Hardy Boys book off the shelf… that should be simple and straight froward enough! Or stick with graphic novels for a while… As I type this Wife is busy packing every book and CD in sight, there may not BE anything to read before long.

  4. Jeff Meyerson says:

    Rick, here’s a thriller recommendation: Running From the Devil by Jamie Freveletti. It moves so fast you won’t be able to put it down once you get involved with it and it’s short enough not to demand too much of a commitment.

    Brief synopsis: a plane is brought down in the Colombian rain forest. On board is chemist (and super-long distance runner) Emma Caldridge, on her way back to Colombia on a mission we don’t know about until later. Her seat is thrown free and she’s the only one to escape capture by guerillas to be held for ransom, and she feels she must follow them through the jungle and try to help.

  5. Carl V. says:

    Like I have before, I’ll still tout Chasm City, it was a pretty standard story, with one straight forward manhunt storyline with the only other storyline being the occasional remembrance by the main character of a time when he and the man he is after were on the same side. Nice space opera elements, rich world, good book.

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