Speaking of Powell’s Books

There has been a good deal of comment in my Portland posts about Powell’s Books, an excellent bookstore. There are several branches, the main one downtown, the second largish store in Beaverton, a technical book store and another. Both the downtown store and the Beaverton store, which is southwest of downtown and slightly closer to Lake Oswego area, has a lot of events. I’ve copied the Beaverton store’s calendar just to give an idea. Here it is.

September Calendar, Beaverton store events highlighted

Pretty cool. Needless to say I’m here in SoCal, not there, so I will miss all this stuff, but there are a few authors here I’d go see / hear if I were there. Another reason to visit Portland and Portland greater metro, which is the general name for the whole area!

BTW, no Friday Forgotten Book post this week. Too busy!

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11 Responses to Speaking of Powell’s Books

  1. Carl V. says:

    If I ever find myself in possession of a decent amount of disposable income (which is the goal with our fervent debt elimination strategies, etc) then one thing I want to do is plan trips specifically around visiting bookstores that people recommend. That and at least one visit to San Diego ComicCon and one to A.P.E. are dreams that I have.

  2. Powell’s would be a powerful incentive to move to Portland, Rick. Think of all the fun you’d have there! And space for more books!

  3. Evan Lewis says:

    It’s true, there’s always something interesting going on there. But it normally takes an appearance by an author friend to get me off the couch and off to one of the stores.

  4. Richard says:

    There are 3 authors on that schedule I would have gone to see: Brandon Peterson, Ken Scholes and M.K. Hobson. And all in one week!

  5. Richard says:

    George – it’s raining there today. It’s beautiful, sunny, warm (low 70s) here today.

  6. Patti Abbott says:

    So could you get used to the rain. I am not sure if I could after living in England for a year. It does get to you.

  7. Carl V. says:

    On many days I envy people who live in a Seattle-like climate. I enjoy rainy, gray days for some odd reason.

  8. Richard says:

    Patti – well, that’s the issue, isn’t it? Living in SoCal all my life, where it rains 20 times a year, has me spoiled. On the other hand it’s more like a place with seasons there, it does snow occasionally, or have some ice. Nothing like you have there, of course, but here I have never seen it snow at my home, never had ice on the roads, except on trips to the mountains. If this happens, we’ll see, won’t we?

  9. Richard says:

    Carl – many people do. I do, too but is it because they are such a big change, so infrequent, or because I do like that weather? I don’t know.

  10. Carl V. says:

    I think I enjoy them for the same reason that I enjoy Autumn so much. From childhood I have always associated gray, rainy days with the changing of the season. Yesterday we had a misty rain and cooler temps and I spent a good hour after coming home driving around through a nature reserve listening to a book on CD because a) I was really into the book and didn’t want to stop listening, and b) it was so beautiful looking at the green trees in the mist, seeing the occasional deer or wild turkey standing not far off in the distance. I like to nurse feelings of melancholy during this time of year and the weather fits that perfectly.

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