September 11

One of the days most of us will always remember where we were, how we heard about it, what we saw. I know I do. The History Channel has specials (run in past years) on the event as usual, and it’s a good reminder, amid all the football games, tennis, beautiful Fall day (hope you’re having one of those!). Here’s to all the fallen, all the heros, sung and unsung.

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6 Responses to September 11

  1. Thank you, Rick. I’ll have to check on the History Channel. Hard to believe it will be 10 years next year.

  2. Jeff Meyerson says:

    It’s never too far away here in New York and yes, of course I remember exactly where I was – only a couple of miles away, though in Brooklyn, and the papers were blowing directly from the WTC to where I was standing.

  3. Richard says:

    Wow. I was at work, of course it was three hours later your time… someone said, when I walked in, that we were under attack. Huh? We were told, after a half hour or so, keep working, nothing was really going on, then we found out it was, um, a BIG deal, but they kept us int he office until 5:00. By the time I got home, the news channels had shown everything so many times they had devolved to just talking about the thing. I didn’t see any pictures or video until the next day.

  4. I was about to leave my office at the College to teach my first class of the day when the news appeared on my computer. Minutes later, the second plane hit. Classes were canceled and I decided against traveling to Washington, D.C. for BOUCHERCON. Those were dark days.

  5. Richard says:

    George – yes, they were, they were indeed. You weren’t the only one who decided to skip Washington DC Bouchercon. I probably would have, if I’d been signed up for it.

  6. Jeff Meyerson says:

    We also skipped it.

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