Portland: dinner, downtown and “the Lewis Treatment”


We’d had our ice cream (see previous Portland post) and had a nap (travel wears me out!), I read for a while and it was time for dinner. Yes, Portland brings out the eat in us.

Portland is such a great town for food, choosing a place is always hard. After some thought, we decided on one we could walk to, Veritable Quandary. Only a few blocks away, it’s a funky wonderful place with tons of atmosphere, full of boisterous people enjoying food and drink. We ate in the bar, brick walls next to us, the bar across the aisle, people coming and going, a view of the sidewalk outside – it was still light – with people coming and going. We had very good meals and it was a pleasant walk back to the hotel.


Wife had to get up early and get to work, I slept later, then checked out, put luggage in the car, drove downtown. I’d planned on breakfast at one of the Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives places, The Byways Café, but could find no parking, so I went to one of the many parking garages in downtown, went into the Flying Elephant Delicatessen, where I had a breakfast BLT, a BLT on grilled sourdough with hollandaise sauce instead of mayo. It was good!

Then to Starbucks in Pioneer Square. The person I was to meet couldn’t make it, but hung out, watched people, the construction of a stage for the Folk Festival performances to take place a little later in the day. The Portland Folk Festival was starting, with performances all over town.

Then I did some window shopping and browsed in The Real Mother Goose, an American Handcrafts store that has very nice, very high end, beautiful handcrafts, mostly of wood, from jewelry boxes to desks. I thought I’d then go to Powell’s, but we’re going Sunday, so I skipped that, not that one can ever go to Powell’s too many times. But I had to get south to Tigard where we were staying for the next few nights.

One thing people not familiar with the area don’t get – or I didn’t at first – is that the cities surrounding Portland, the greater metro area, are considered “Portland” in conversational terms. So Beaverton, Tigard (which is about 20 miles south (even Lake Oswego) is sort of considered to be Portland in a general way. So it’s no big deal to drive from downtown Portland to Tigard, one just gets on the 5 freeway and gets off at the desired exit.

Wife’s business associate dropped her off at the hotel and after several drinks at the bar relaxing a while we went downstairs to meet Dave Evan Lewis (see his fine blog by clicking the link) and his wife Irene for dinner at P.F. Chang’s.

It was a delight to meet them, we walked to the restaurant. There was a wait so Dave and I walked to a bookstore (no books were bought, in spite of our spending nearly half an hour in a book store!) while Wife and Irene went into a clothes place, shopping. Then dinner, good talk and food, a delightful time. Now an “internet friend” has become a couple whom we are happy to call friends, discovering many common interests and attitudes. We had fun!

Next time, a realtor gives me a tour of Lake Oswego.

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5 Responses to Portland: dinner, downtown and “the Lewis Treatment”

  1. Jeff Meyerson says:

    Veritable Quandary is a great name for a restaurant…or a rock band.

    Eagerly awaiting the next chapter.

  2. Meeting with a Realtor…does this mean THE BROKEN BULLHORN might be relocating?

  3. Richard says:

    It’s a possibility, and looking at homes is a great way to get a handle on the layout of a city and it’s neighborhoods. We like the greater Portland metro area a lot, and yes, have been considering a move, but there are a few hoops to be negotiated. First we needed to see what the market was like, inventory and prices. The economy isn’t recovering, that’s an issue, but we’re thinking about it.

  4. Evan Lewis says:

    The Veritable Quandary was a hangout for hippies when I moved to town back 1973. I didn’t know it had survived this long, but shouldn’t be surprised. There are still lots of hippies here. You discovered one of my go-to places in The Real Mother Goose. They’ve pocketed a lot of my dollars prior to Irene’s birthday and our anniversary. I’ll be looking forward to that Lake Oswego report.

  5. Richard says:

    It didn’t look like a hippie hangout, particularly, though not trendy or any particular look. It was crowded on a Wednesday night, seemed to be a combination of after work and early dinner crown, boisterous, fun. The food was excellent.

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