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New arrivals – July 5-11, 2010

I’m cutting back, but a few things that I’d had on order did trickle in. Two more pulp story collections and two SF-F collections. All short stories. Seems like I’m getting overwhelmed with short stories lately. Here are the new books, covers first then a brief summary of each:

* *   click on a cover to see it full size!   * *

* *   click on a cover to see it full size!   * *

Alias Mr. Death by D.L. Champion [Altus Press, 2009, trade paperback, new] –  Collecting the entire nine-part series from the pages of Thrilling Detective in 1932. Written by D.L. Champion, this was the inspiration for The Phantom Detective series. And as a bonus, this collection includes the two “Alias Mr. Death” revival stories from 1939. And for the first time, the unpublished story “Alias Mr. Death” by pulp scribe Harold Ward. This also includes all-new introductions by Tom Johnson and Matthew Moring. Cover is a replica of the original hardcover edition’s dust jacket.

The Cobra, King of Detectives by Richard B. Sale [Altus Press, 2009 trade paperback, new copy] – A slithering collection of Richard B. Sale’s reptile-related pulp stories, several of which are reprinted here for the first time. This selection includes all three appearances of The Cobra, Sale’s early pulp hero. Includes articles by Sale for writers’ magazines of the day as well.

The Gabble and Other Stories by Neal Asher [Tor, 2009 mass market paper, new copy] – I’ve not read any of the Polity books by Asher, I’m hoping this will introduce me to his writing and universe.

Tuf Voyaging by George R.R. Martin [Meisha Merlin Publishing, 2003 trade paperback, used copy] – This fix-up novel is a collection of short fiction works published over several years beginning in 1976 with “A Beast for Norn,” and did not incorporate the S’uthlam stories until late 1985, shortly before the fix-up was collated, given a Prologue, and published in book form. It is the collected (mis)adventures of Haviland Tuf, an exceptionally tall, bald, vegetarian, cat-loving but otherwise solitary space trader. Tuf inadvertently becomes master of Ark, an ancient, 30-kilometer-long “seedship,” a very powerful warship with advanced ecological engineering capabilities. Tuf travels the galaxy, offering his services to worlds with environmental problems, and sometimes imposing solutions of his own.

Often called “darkly comic” it includes reflections on environmentalism and absolute power. Martin cited Jack Vance as a big influence on the Tuf stories, trying to emulate Vance’s style in many of them. To many, that in itself is a recommendation.

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14 Responses to Mailbox – New Last Week

  1. Jeff Meyerson says:

    Nice. These books always look so attractive…and enticing. I got in a few things (he said casually), pretty much all of them from, where we’ve come done about 20 credits in recent weeks.

    I got in three Keith Laumer collections from Baen Books (with a fourth on the way): RETIEF! (got in a couple of weeks back), ODYSSEY and THE LIGHTER SIDE.

    Some years ago I read a few books in M. D. Lake’s paperback series about campus cop Peggy O’Neill. A review in CADS made me think of them so I picked up the last half dozen I hadn’t read. I figure I’ll re-list them after I read them.

    What else? Hmm, let me think. Oh yeah, also in CADS, I read about a paperback series by Nancy Herndon and picked up the first, ACID BATH.

    And Jackie got in a couple of books too, can’t remember which.

    Considering I have a dozen books from the library staring at my back from the shelf at this moment I probably should stop doing this.

  2. Richard says:

    I forgot a book I got from BookSwap, Jeff, I guess I’ll do it next week if I have anything else, it’s a YA fantasy, the first of the Mistmantle Chronicles. As for quitting “doing this”, that’s wjhat I’m trying to do, but the lure of new (to me) books is often overwhelming.

  3. Richard says:

    I often buy things as a result of reading CADS too, Jeff.

  4. randy Johnson says:

    I have the Tuf Voyaging somewhere in the house. Need to dig it out and read I guess. The rest I’m not familiar with, though all look interesting.

  5. Evan Lewis says:

    That Richard Sale is one I’ll be buying if I’m ever again solvent.

  6. Richard says:

    I thought that one might catch your interest, Evan.

  7. I have that Asher short story collection near the top of the Read Real Soon stack. The others look good. Like Randy, I have a copy of TUF VOYAGING around her someplace. Haven’t read it.

  8. Richard says:

    I’m guessing with the citing of Vance as an influence, you might want to move TUF VOYAGING up a bit on your TBR pile, George.

  9. Great week! You have some sweet reading in your future! Here is what I got.

  10. Richard says:

    brandileigh – thanks for the visit and the link. Looks like our reading tastes are a little different, but some of those book look interesting.

  11. Patti Abbott says:

    Maybe you will all like my son-in-laws book coming out next month THE REAPERS ARE THE ANGELS. It’s fantasy/horror/literary.

  12. Richard says:

    I just might at that, Patti. My, you certainly have a writerly family!

  13. Jeff Meyerson says:

    “Zombies in a fallen America” definitely sounds right up my alley, Patti.

  14. Jeff Meyerson says:

    brandileigh: I liked Looking for Alaska and John Green’s other books.

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