D-Day, June 6, 1944

This is the anniversary of D-Day, the beginning of the invasion of Normandy was the invasion and establishment of Allied forces in Normandy, France, during Operation Overlord in World War II. The invasion was the largest amphibious operation in history. Many, many lives were lost.

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6 Responses to D-Day, June 6, 1944

  1. Carl V. says:

    Such an incredible time in history. I have watched several programs about it and every time I find a new one I discover new information. Certainly cannot help but feel a sense of debt to the men and women who served during that time, as I do to those who serve today.

  2. The D-Day scenes in SAVING PRIVATE RYAN still haunt me. I can’t imagine how those soldiers felt while they were storming the beaches of Normandy.

  3. Richard says:

    Carl – I agree, it was an incredible time n history. Hard now to imagine that Germany controlled all of Europe to the Atlantic, and that we and our allies had to storm those beaches to begin taking it back.

    George – I watched SAVING PRIVATE RYAN so long ago I barely recall it, perhaps time to see it again.

  4. Patti Abbott says:

    My Dad was there. Yes, PRIVATE RYAN really took you there. Also the Eastwood movies.

  5. Richard says:

    The Eastwood movies I DID see. Both of them were excellent.

  6. Carl V. says:

    There was a great special on PBS that we watched last year…wish I could recall what the name was…where they looked back on D-Day and spoke to two allied officers who were still alive and one German officer, all of whom were on that same beach. It was so fascinating to see the then and now images of the same stretch of beach. At the end of the show they brought all 3 men together to talk and it was an interesting, healing moment.

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