Bone Handbook

by Jeff Smith, Scholastic Books, 2010

~ this book qualifies for the Once Upon A Time Challenge ~

I like Jeff Smith’s simple cartoony style in this series of books, all of which I read as the original B&W collections were published. Since that time they have been colored and republished, but I’m not buying the same thing again. I spotted this “handbook” at the store and bought it expecting a reference type book of background, character details and perhaps some new information.

I got a little of that, unfortunately wrapped in a written-for-kids style. [Fun fact! Did you know the creature was named after the artists’ dog? They’re both brown!] That sort of thing, thought hat’s not a quote. So for $10 there wasn’t much here, but I will warn you that if you haven’t read the Bone series of books, reading this beforehand will give you a good overview of the large story arc, and a lot of spoilers. In this case one goes with the other, I suppose.

I recommend the Bone Books, this handbook is very optional.

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9 Responses to Bone Handbook

  1. Bill Crider says:

    I prefer the B&W version, myself.

  2. Richard says:

    If I’d not already had the black and white, I probably would have gotten the colored one, because I like the job Steve Hamaker did with the color. But I’m not about to buy two sets of the same thing.

  3. Jeff S. says:

    I’m hoping one day for a giant colored one volum edition myself.

    If you really enjoy Bone I would suggest checking out a recent DVD that came out about Jeff Smith called The Cartoonist. I bought a month or two back. Carl and I both watched it one evening and Ireally enjoyed it and I believe he did as well.

    Bone is a fun story that I need to reread one of these days. I also need to check out Jeff Smith’s recent work RASL. I haven’t picked up any of it yet.

  4. Carl V. says:

    I second Jeff’s recommendation of the DVD. Very, very good! I too really enjoy Smith’s style. I like how he juxtaposes the very cartoony style of the Bone characters with a slightly more detailed style for the other characters. I find his work very unique in this respect and great to look at and read.

  5. Richard says:

    I have seen the ads for the DVD, but at $20 it’s not a high priority. I doubt the library will get it. Rats. Smith’s artwork has always reminded me a little of Walt Kelly, and he says Kelly, who drew and wrote POGO was a big influence. I love Pogo.

  6. Jeff S. says:

    Richard – Your might see if you can get a copy of the DVD through the Interlibrary loan system through your library. I have done this a number of times to get rare or expensive books that my local library doesn’t stock but my wife and/or I want to read. Just a thought.

  7. Richard says:

    Good thought, Jeff, I’ll give them a call. I’ve gotten other things via interloan.

  8. Jeff S. says:

    Carl lent me the Bone Handbook you sent him and I read it. Not really much meat to it. Good for kids but lacking for adults in my opinion.

  9. Richard says:

    Jeff S. – I agree with that. I bought it on sight and when I looked at it later, after telling Carl his was on the way, I realized it’s more of a “hey, kids! Look at this!” kind of thing. It does summarize things somewhat and have a characters list, but it’s not something I’d have bought had I looked at it more carefully. An impulse buy mistake.

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