Wife and I will be on a brief vacation March 5-11. That means no Saturday Soundtrack tomorrow, making four weeks in a row. Sorry! I only have a few days left to turn chaos into paradise here in the Study, and it’s unlikely to happen before we leave. For those of you thinking bad thoughts, there will be both persons and attack cats at the house, so forget slipping in and finishing the reorganization of things by removing some items.

I’ll be out of touch internet-wise for that period of time (I know, I could hook up, but I won’t be doing that – a break is a break), so all my witty posts here and remarks on other blogs will be missing. Sighs of relief are expected, but no applause, please.

This is one of those Wife works and I get to pretty much go along for the ride. So imagine me in San Diego, basking in the sun (it’s supposed to rain…) enjoying the beach (…and be cold and windy), or depending on the weather hanging out inside people watching, reading, having a snack. Who knows? What’s certain is I’ll be taking several books and should have plenty of time to loaf, read and commune with the aforementioned sand and surf. I can almost hear the gulls already.

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2 Responses to fyi

  1. Walt Kelly says:

    Attack cats? Pisht. Squirt ’em with water and they run. What was that address again?

  2. Richard says:

    These cats are more like Kzin, Walt. You don’t want to go anywhere near the place.

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