The GOOD news is I found a couple of books I’d been looking for over on PaperBackBookswap. Nothing like free books!

The BETTER news is that I’ll be doing an actual post of the book review nature a little later today. Now I have some things to do before I have time for that, but tune in again later for some new content. I also expect to make some headway on the re-org, on the jazz CDs. And this time, I’m going to play some while I’m workin’.

The BEST news is the dang migraine headache is gone. Only those who have suffered one can know how truly relieved I am.

The BAD is that, speaking of BookSwap, they were hacked on the 22nd by some idiot who planted the Antivirus Soft virus on one of the servers. It’s been cleaned, but anyone who visited the site on Feb 22 should run a anti-virus, anti-spyware program. If you got antivirus messages after visiting the site, IGNOTE THEM (they may be part of the virus), then go to a trusted antivirus program or site and clean, just to make sure.

It appears to be a Windows environment virus, not affecting Mac OS.

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1 Response to Good…Better…Best…Bad

  1. Carl V. says:

    Congrats on all the good, better and best news! Glad to read that the migraine is gone and that you’re stuck back in to all your projects.

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