Norman Saunders, illustrator

Norman Saunders

by David Saunders, published by Illustrated Press, 2008

I don’t often buy coffee-table type books, they tend to be read once and put on a tall shelf somewhere, to be taken out only very occasionally. The siren song of this one, however, overcame that reluctance, and I had a marvelous time going through it, enjoying all of the artwork it contains.

Saunders was an interesting person, and I wish, especially since his son is the author, there had been a little more about him in connection with the illustration art, but that’s a minor quibble considering the amount and reproduction quality of years of output contained in this great book.

Saunders did work for all the genres, in most of the illustration periods.

From the publisher’s description:

This is the consummate reference book on the entire lifework of Norman Saunders, with over 880 illustrations, of which more than 300 are from original art, including 30 working drawings, and 30 reference photos as well as 30 historic family photos, and checklists of all published works. 368 pages, 9”x12”, full-color, hardbound with dust jacket.

NORMAN SAUNDERS is the ground-breaking and definitive book on one of the greatest and most prolific illustrators of the 20th century, whose artistic contribution to American popular culture grows even more impressive in retrospect. The one-hundredth anniversary of the artist’s birth is a well-rounded time for reconsideration of his inspiring genius.

This one is a must for anyone who loves illustration, especially dramatic and exciting cover art. Take a look at the entire contents here.

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Note:  Laurie Powers did an excellent interview with Saunders’ son David a few months ago, with a LOT of great information in it about both father and son. You can find it HERE. Well worth your time!

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12 Responses to Norman Saunders, illustrator

  1. I love this book! This is a must-buy to anyone who loves great pulp artwork.

  2. Richard says:

    Yep, it’s a good one all right. Really packed full of artwork.

  3. Carl V. says:

    This book is on my list of art books that I really want. What I’ve seen of Saunders’ work really excites me. I am a big fan of the pulp illustrators. I think they, Saunders included, are some of the most amazing illustrators ever.

    If you are interested, I review the recently released Robert Maguire art book here:

  4. Evan Lewis says:

    Wow! A gorgeous book. And an amazing website – where else do you get thumbnail previews of an entire book? In honor of this post, I believe I’ll scan a few Saunders pulp covers and put them up tomorrow on the Almanack.

  5. Richard says:

    What a great idea, Evan! I’ll look forward to that.

  6. Richard says:

    Carl – nice post! I have that book, as well as THE PAPERBACK COVERS OF ROBERT McGINNIS, compiled by Art Scott, as well as others on pulp art. I love the stuff, and wish I could afford to have an example on my walls.

  7. Carl V. says:

    I have that paperback covers book as well. I know there is an McGinnis artbook out there (Tapestry) and while it is nice I am desperate for someone like the Fenners to put out a large, high quality book that includes much more of McGinnis’ work. Have you seen the Painting the Last Rose of Summer dvd on McGinnis? It is very well done.

  8. Richard says:

    Only saw your post about it. May have to find it.

  9. Patti Abbott says:

    I just love this sort of artwork. And I wouldn’t put it on the shelf with the rest of them. Too much fun.

  10. Richard says:

    It’s on the shelf, but within arm’s reach of where I’m sitting here at the iMac.

  11. Todd Mason says:

    Spicy Pulps to Whacky Packs (and that’s where I came in…)…that’s quite a career, and not done then…

  12. Richard says:

    It’s a great book about an artist who overcame a lot to make it in the illustration business.

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