Happy President’s Day

Hope everyone is safe, warm and content on this two-for-one holiday. I remember when the U.S. workaholic ethic (or the “less time of you lazy louts” attitude of the bosses) still allowed two holidays, one for each of the presidents, Lincoln and Washington. Oh well.

Those who may have missed my Saturday Soundtrack feature a couple days ago, Todd Mason has admirably filled the gap over on his blog Sweet Freedom. Take a look for a review of the soundtrack to the film Bandits. Great job, Todd!

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12 Responses to Happy President’s Day

  1. Carl V. says:

    I am one of the few people I know who actually gets this day off work, and even though it is a combined one I am thankful for it! That means more reading, movie watching, and spending free time with the missus! 🙂

    Happy President’s Day to you and yours.

  2. Evan Lewis says:

    I was down with old George and Abe getting their own days, but “Presidents Day” implies a tribute to Trick Dick and the whole gang. I refuse to celebrate.

  3. Evan Lewis says:

    Oops. That’s Tricky Dick, of course.

  4. Richard says:

    Of course, and I agree.

  5. Richard says:

    It’s a national holiday, most everyone gets if off, Carl. Or so I thought.

    CD organization continues, Wife and I went out for a meal (wedding anniversary today) and have been watching some Olympics. When the CDs are re-done, I will be starting on the books, a much larger task. Sigh. How did it all get so disorganized? Don’t know.

  6. Carl V. says:

    You would think so but, many, many people do not get the holiday. My wife works for a state university system and they don’t get it off. I work for a community mental health center in Kansas City and although my particular agency lets us off none of the state mental health workers or other similar agencies in this city have it off. It is just one my agency chooses to give us. I’m glad they do, I enjoyed the day.

    I wish re-organizing was a easy to come by as disorganization is! Wishing you continued progress, and an understanding spouse. 🙂

  7. Todd Mason says:

    I love organizing books and similar software…till it reaches a certain critical mass, which takes me usually about a week to reach in either accumulation or disorder, so you have my sympathies, Rick…and thanks for the plug!

    Yours for workaholic fun…

  8. Todd Mason says:

    Also, annoying to me, is that we “get” Presidents’ Day, Fillmore and Harding and Nixon and all, but King Day? Don’t be silly. “After all, what’d He do? Anyway, it’s too close to New Year’s!” I’d say it’s the most important of our civil holidays, in its implications…

  9. Carl V. says:

    *hangs head sheepishly* Todd, I get Martin Luther King, Jr. day off from work as a paid holiday as well.

    Now comes the big drought, no paid holidays until Memorial Day. I love the Nov-Feb run at work because there is at least one extended weekend each month. I’m tempted to use my vacation throughout the year to take at least one three day weekend a month. Having that extra day is so restful.

    Richard, you’re stirring the fires of motivation within me. A couple of years ago I did a BIG basement reorganization, creating a library for myself down there for all the books and other collectibles that I didn’t have room for upstairs. At the time I neglected to clean out the rest of the junk in the basement and it has now encroached on the clean space which means another round of organization is way over due.

    My wife will be eternally grateful to you if your work spurs me on to get going on the basement again.

  10. Richard says:

    Before I retired, I worked for the County, and we had 10 paid holidays per year, including MLK day, President’s Day (before that we got both Lincoln and Washington), all the others you’d expect, the day after Thanksgiving (which had been traded for Columbus Day many year earlier). Wife, whose company is very stingy with holidays got yesterday off. As part of the City-County-State system, we had all the Federal Holidays off. I’m not sure what they get now, the list may have been trimmed.

  11. Richard says:

    Todd – see comments on next post.

  12. Carl V. says:

    We get 9 paid holidays which include MLK and Pres. Day, so I certainly cannot complain. I’ve also been here long enough that I have an additional 5 weeks of vacation per year. Wouldn’t surprise me as the economy continues to have issues if they decided to do away with those two holidays at some point.

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