Waves and Murder

The Dawn Patrol

Don Winslow, © 2008
Vintage Crime/Black Lizard 2009 trade paper

I hadn’t read any Winslow in a while and had forgotten how good he is. The characters in this one , especially surfer/P.I. Boone Daniels, are three dimensional and well drawn. The dawn patrol is the name of a small group of surfers who are out on the waves each morning at dawn, waiting for sets and talking about food, waves and the best things in life.

There’s a big storm out to sea, and it’s going to mean some epic waves, an event of importance which will bring surfers from Hawaii, even Australia, and the surfing press. That means reputations can be made, and could be the break some amateurs need to break into the ranks of the pro surfing word, with sponsorship and travel world-wide. One member of the dawn patrol has been working toward and living for that big chance, and it’s coming.

But trouble is also coming. While Boone is a P.I., another member of the dawn patrol is a cop, and they’re both trying to find out who murdered a girl at a local Pacific Beach apartment complex. The cae gets more complicated, and the friends turn into adversaries, ghosts from the past get in the way, drugs and illegal aliens enter the mix. As the big waves approach, so do some nasty surprises for each member of the dawn patrol.

Another strong effort by Winslow, good plot and characterization, a page-turner, satisfying ending. I enjoyed this one a lot, and it couldn’t be written by a nicer guy, either. I hope we’ll see more of Boone Daniels and his pals.

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5 Responses to Waves and Murder

  1. George Kelley says:

    I need to read some Don Winslow after considering your review, Rick. I have a stack of his books around here somewhere.

  2. Richard says:

    I think you might enjoy this, George. There are some plot weakness, but over all it’s a pretty good mystery and it has a pretty interesting cast of characters.

  3. Jeff Meyerson says:

    I’m not really interested in surfing, but I do like WInslow. I know some complained about TMI in his CALIFORNIA FIRE AND LIFE but I really liked it.

  4. Carl V. says:

    Haven’t heard of Winslow, but always enjoy writing that features three dimensional characters.

    Hard to look at that book cover while the lawn is cover with snow!

  5. Richard says:

    Winslow is a west coast (San Diego) writer who has a series and several stand-alone books, all taking place in southern California.

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