The Sci-Fi Experience Challenge: Update

Just a day under three weeks remaining in the Sci-Fi Experience Challenge. Since January 1, 2010 I have read 6 qualifying books:

  1. The Ship of Ishtar by A. Merritt – fantasy (um, maybe this doesn’t technically qualify for the SF Challenge, but I was told it’s okay to list it.

  2. Snake Agent by Liz Williams- science fiction/occult/fantasy

  3. War Games by Christopher Anvil – science fiction short story collection

  4. Hospital Station by James White – science fiction novel

  5. Star Surgeon by James White – science fiction novel

  6. Major Operation by James White – science fiction novel

How are YOU doing?

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18 Responses to The Sci-Fi Experience Challenge: Update

  1. Bill Crider says:

    I’m too lazy for challenges, but you’re doing very well.

  2. I read two sucky SF novels: Sarah Hoyt’s DARKSHIP THIEVES and D. B. Grady’s RED PLANET NOIR. Time for me to read some good SF!

  3. Richard says:

    Yep, George, time to get to that William Tenn, or perhaps one of the Dread Empire novels.

  4. Drongo says:

    Life is getting in the way of my fiction reading. Your list is much more impressive than mine.

    I’ll probably finish up a time travel novel tomorrow, if I make the effort.

  5. Jeff S. says:

    I’m doing pretty good so far this year for me.

    I have read 3 books.
    Star Trek: Vanguard – Harbinger by David Mack
    Star Trek DS9 – The Soul Key by Olivia Woods
    Metatropolis edited by John Scalzi. This anthology is built around a shared universe by 5 authors; Jay Lake, Tobias Buckell, Elizabeth Bear, John Scalzi, and Karl Schroeder.

    I have read one novella.
    The God Engines by John Scalzi

    I have also read a TON of short stories from numerous novels authors mostly new to me.
    1. Grolion of Almery by Matthew Hughes from Songs of the Dying Earth.
    2. Code Three by Rick Raphael from A World Turned Upside Down edited by David Drake, Eric Flint, and Jim Baen ( AWTUD )
    3. Hunting Problem by Robert Sheckley – AWTUD
    4. Black Destroyer by A. E. Van Aogt – AWTUD
    5. A Pail of Air by Fritz Leiber – AWTUD
    6. A Gun for Dinosaur by L. Sprague de Camp – AWTUD
    7. Vital Factor – Nelson Bond from Great Science Fiction Stories – Selected and Edited by Cordelia Titcomb Smith
    8. Delilah and the Space-Rigger by Robert A. Heinlein from The Green Hills of Earth
    9. Space Jockey by Robert A. Heinlein from The Green Hills of Earth.
    10. To Avenge Man by Lester Del Rey from an 1964 issue of Galaxy magazine
    11. Endosymbiont by Blake Charlton from Seeds of Change edited by John Joseph Adams
    12. A Dance Called Armageddon by Ken MacLeod from Seeds of Change by John Joseph Adams.

    So far my favorite stories are from John Scalzi, Tobias Buckell, Robert A. Heinlein, David Mack, and L. Sprague de Camp.

    Hopefully I’ll squeeze in a little more SciFi this month although I’m sneaking a fantasy book right now.

  6. Jeff Meyerson says:

    I guess I missed out on this challenge; never heard of it.

    I have started the first James White book and I’ve read the Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan, which sort of qualifies.

    On an older topic, we saw AVATAR yesterday and because of your commentaries I paid a lot closer attention to the music than I might have otherwise, so thanks.

  7. Patti Abbott says:

    I read exactly three books in January and none of them SF. I did write a sci-fi story in November though. Does that count?

  8. Richard says:

    Drongo – which time travel novel are you about to finish?

  9. Richard says:

    Jeff S. – I looked up that Baen collection AWTUD, it’s got some terrific stuff in it. I’ve read everything listed in the TOC, at various times and in various formats, many of them when originally published. The Van Vogt, Leiber and De Camp are all very well known, well loved stories which have appeared in other collections over the years. The Heinlein, Dickson, Anvil and Leinster stories are very enjoyable too, and I’m not sure there’s a bad story in the bunch. Don’t like the cover of the collection much, though.

  10. Richard says:

    Jeff M. – There’s a banner illustration near the top of the right column, and I did a post on it in early January. It goes to end of this month.

    Hope you’re enjoying the Sector General book and having decent weather. Must be better than back in NY.

  11. Richard says:

    Of course it does Patti! Cool. When and where might it see the light of day?

  12. Richard says:

    George – maybe after those two, The Disappeared looks a little better?

  13. Carl V. says:

    Yes, the cover of AWTUD is pretty bad, but I too have the collection and it has really been fun thus far.

    You’ve read several books that I want to read myself. I have the James White omnibus from the library that I hope to get to soon.

    I noticed the other day that there is a Christopher Anvil story in one of my anthologies that I need to read soon. Can’t recall the name of the story right now and I’m not at home.

    Glad you are participating and have gotten so much reading done.

  14. Richard says:

    Carl – there is an Anvil story in AWTUD. Baen also has quite a few Anvil collections, do a search on this blog to find a couple of them. I have been an Anvil fan for many years and am really happy his work is being republished by Baen. Too bad they didn’t get a different cover artist, though.

  15. Carl V. says:

    That is the one then. I know I was looking through several anthologies the other day, not long after your Anvil review, and had an “aha!” moment. Glad it is in that one and not one of the library books that I have that is overdue! 🙂

    I don’t have a clue about what Baen is doing with their covers. I just don’t get it, at all. The majority of them are so dated and I worry that they are doing nothing to bring new readers on with the way the books are presented. They also aren’t helping book sales. 9.9 times out of 10 I would rather get a Baen book from the library than buy it, which doesn’t help the author or the publisher, whereas I am much more likely to actually purchase a book from the other companies who have a better than 50% track record, with me personally, with their cover art choices.

  16. Jeff S. says:

    Richard – I also don’t like the cover to AWTUD. I will skip ahead and check out the Anvil story though as I’ve never read any from him before the end of the month. The AWTUD book is HUGE and there is no hope for me finishing it during this years Experience. My plan is to read some from it each year during the Experience until I get through it.

    Carl – I’m with you as well in that most of the time I don’t like the Baen cover choices for their massive TPB reprint books. I am ok with more of their MMPB cover choices. Cover art choices are definitely a weakness for them.

  17. Jeff Meyerson says:

    So far I’m enjoying the first Sector General book; I read in the mall while Jackie was shopping.

    I’m looking forward to getting THE DISAPPEARED so I can start that series at the beginning.

  18. Drongo says:

    A short novel for young adults called WHEN YOU REACH ME by a gal named Rebecca Stead. George recommended it.

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