Holmes for the Holidays

Holmes for the Holidays, Greenberg, Lellenberg, Waugh, Editors, Berkley Prime Crime, 1996

This is the second in my series of holiday short story collections, this time 14 Sherlock Holmes pastiches by a distinguished group of writers. What could be better than Holmes and holiday stories?

The plots of these stories range from small to large, but all feature Holmes, are narrated by Watson and introduce a problem, which Holmes solves. The theme is Christmas, or if you prefer “the holidays”, and whether it is Scrooge’s nephew seeing ghosts (“The Adventure of the Christmas Ghosts” by Bill Crider), a missing Christmas tree (“The Adventure of the Christmas Tree” by William L. DeAndrea, or Holmes and Watson spending the holidays in Italy (“The Italian Sherlock Holmes” by Reginald Hill) it’s all good fun and the stories well done. Certainly this is one of the better collections of Holmes pastiches I’ve read.

Every reader will have his or her own favorites here, I’ve just named some of mine. Recommended as either a gift to a mystery loving friend or for your own holiday reading.


Jon L. Breen, “The Adventure of the Canine Ventriloquist, Bill Crider “The Adventure of the Christmas Ghosts”, William L. DeAndrea “The Adventure of the Christmas Tree”, Carole Nelson Douglas “The Thief of Twelfth Night”, Loren D. Estleman “The Adventure of the Three Ghosts”, Reginald Hill “The Italian Sherlock Holmes”, Edward D. Hoch “The Christmas Client”, Gillian Linscott “A Scandal in Winter” (the only story not narrated by Watson), Gwen Moffat “The Adventure in Border Country”, Barbara Paul “The Sleuth of Christmas Past”, Anne Perry “The Watch Night Bell”, John Stroessel, “The Yuletide Affair” (more a Lestrade story), Carolyn Wheat “The Adventure of the Angel’s Trumpet”, J.N. Williamson “The Adventure of the Man Who Never Laughed”.

On Monday, look for the third in this series of holiday short story collections: More Holmes for the Holidays.

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6 Responses to Holmes for the Holidays

  1. Jeff Meyerson says:

    Hey, if it has a Crider story it’s worth reading if for nothing else, right? Actually, I did read this one and it was pretty good, as I recall.

  2. Bill Crider says:

    I had fun writing that story, and I agree that the anthology’s a good one as pastiche anthologies go.

  3. Evan Lewis says:

    Good book! May be time to haul it out again.

  4. Richard says:

    Monday I’ll be doing the second one.

  5. I’ll have to move this book to the top of the Read Real Soon stack. With the SHERLOCK HOLMES movie opening on Christmas Day, this would be just the thing to put me in the mood.

  6. Drongo says:

    I might grab this collection for the Reginald Hill story alone. I’ve read a couple of his novels, and found him to be a pretty good writer.

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