Christmas season is here

Around my home, today is the dat to put up the Christmas lights. Always a lot of work, but pretty when finished. Since we have family and friends out of state, it’s also the day to get the wrapping and boxing of their gifts ready to go to the post Office tomorrow. So there is wrapping paper, boxes, tape, scissors and all the usual accompaniments scattered about. The cats are happy, but we will be glad when the chaos is lessened.

Then there will be the inside decorating, with tree, mantle, rest of the house. Plus the Christmas cards are still to be mailed out. Yikes.

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2 Responses to Christmas season is here

  1. Patti Abbott says:

    Never been able to get them up outside but we do the boughs and ribbons thing at least. We have a wooden fence to place them along.

  2. Richard says:

    We had PLANNED to get the net lights on the low shrubs along the fron of the house and walk, as well as the colored ice cycle lights over the entry and the rest of the front door (lighted swag, wreath, etc.) yesterday. It turned out we took much longer than expected to finish putting the rear patio back together after the fence replacement – about which I blogged a week ago – and didn’t get to the lights. I got the first 30 or so of the Christmas cards done, so they will go out today, along with the out-of-state boxes.

    Now it’s raining, the first in months, and I’ll have to lay it all out on the garage floor and wait for a break to get them in place.

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