Bouchercon 2009

Bouchercon in Indy

While I’m sitting here at home, many of my friends and a host of mystery readers, book lovers, mystery authors, book sellers and all the usual suspects are in Indianapolis for Bouchercon, the annual mystery fan convention. Or is that the fan mystery convention? It works either way. Bouchercon, named for star reviewer, critic, author and fan Anthony Boucher, is the largest mystery con of the year. For the next few days, anyone who is anyone (except me, of course, I’m here at home) in the mystery field will be whooping it up in the city by the Speedway.

Believe me, I wish I was there, but this wasn’t a year for travel, for various reasons to numerous and obscure to go into here. I’ll most likely be at the con next year in San Francisco.

So to anyone who happens to be at B’con and happens to look in to Broken Bullhorn (which probably means that person is really bored), I hope you’re having a great time. Hoist one for me in the bar. I hope you attend a fascinating panel, find a book long sought after, meet old and make new friends.

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