A Classic!


Warner Brothers, 1954

They're here, and they're hungry...I hadn’t seen this in years, but after posting (August 30) about ants in the house I decided to get it from Netflix, and we finally watched it tonight. It’s a classic.

While I remembered most of the film, the cinematography, especially of the first 15-20 minutes is better than I’d remembered. The scene with the two cops walking into the general store at night, during a sand storm, is pretty spooky.

There’s the signature scene where the little girl, after a whiff of formic acid, screams and cries out “Them, them!” And the final scenes at night in the LA storm drains are great too.

I always thought it was one of the better fifties horror-creature films, and having just seen it that opinion is reinforced. The closing remarks that man has entered the atomic age and we don’t know what that will bring are both typical of the 1950s creature-horror genre, but somewhat prophetic as well.  Good stuff.

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5 Responses to A Classic!

  1. Bill Crider says:

    Haven’t see it in a while, but I remember if well. Don’t the ants make a funny sound?

    – – They sure do, Bill. Kind of a very high-pitched short-duration siren-like noise, very distinctive. At that time, I can’t guess how they made it. Though the giant ants are kinda lame, it really is worth seeing again. I loved it. My wife, who had never seen it, was somewhat less impressed. -R.

  2. Drongo says:

    It is good stuff. If I recollect correctly, a young Leonard Nimoy had a small role.

    – – I spotted him when I watched it, Drongo, and the role, tearing a sheet of a teletype machine and giving it to someone else with a couple of lines, is very brief. -R.

  3. Jeff Meyerson says:

    I remember the scene in the storm drains vividly, as well as the screaming kid. Good one.

  4. Richard says:

    With Hollywood seemingly living off computer graphics and remakes, this would sure be a good one to do now!

  5. No need to rent if you want to re-watch this classic –

    – – true, I forgot about this resource. Thanks, Steve and sorry for the slip. Anyone interested in classic SF and great old films like this should check it out. -R.

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