August 1945 Front Page Find!

I recently found this in the bottom of a box of things that had been stored in my mother’s basement for countless years. For a moment I thought it was just protective paper, until I turned it over and saw the headline.

Seattle Post-Intelligencer, August 15, 1945

Seattle Post-Intelligencer, August 15, 1945

Click on the image for a closer look

My family lived in Seattle during the war. This is the Seattle Post-Intelligencer published on August 15, 1945, a little more than two months before I was born.

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11 Responses to August 1945 Front Page Find!

  1. Drongo says:

    After over a century, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer no longer publishes a print edition. Just an on-line version.

    – – Yes, that’s sad, isn’t it. It was my newspaper of choice whenever I was in town. – R.

  2. Bill Crider says:

    A cool find. It pays never to toss anything away.

    – – I almost did toss it, thinking it was just some old newspaper put in the box to pad the contents, which were some household items. I’m trying to figure out the best way to preserve the thing. -R.

  3. Great find. I was almost six years old and I can remember all the noise with church bells and such ringing. There was much celebrating.

    – – People must have been deliriously happy. That’s an expression I might have trouble defining, but I think this is the exact situation. -R.

  4. wonderful – great find

  5. Patti Abbott says:

    So sad to think we will not have such concrete reminders of the past.

  6. Richard says:

    Steve and Patti – yes, a great find, and one we may not be able to have in the future of digital media, though I suppose prints can be made. Still, the est of the newspaper is full of trivial things – ads and photos and such, that are bits out of time.

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