SF Gets No Respect

As if that’s any surprise. There’s a good article, well worth the few minutes it will take you to read it, on the lack of respect science fiction as a genre and the writers thereof receive. At SFF Media: SF authors just can’t win

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3 Responses to SF Gets No Respect

  1. George Kelley says:

    I’ve been a science fiction fan pretty much since I learned how to read, Rick. It’s a much maligned genre, but it continues to generate most of the top movie makers and a goodly number of best sellers.

    – – You’e right, George, and I’ve been an SF reader and fan for most of my life too. It’s just too bad that some authors, institutions and critics distain it so much as to keep it from getting respect from the general reading public. -R.

  2. Jeff Meyerson says:

    It’s funny, in some recent years my reading has been 80-90% mysteries, but recently I’ve been having trouble finding new ones that I really enjoy and have been reading more science fiction for the first time in many years.

    Of course, these are mostly older works as both genres seem to have too many bloated books these days.

    I’d rather read a 200 page fast moving book than a 500 page almost anything.

    – – I agree, mostly. I too have found myself pulled toward science fiction and fantasy in the last year plus. As for the length of books, I agree there are an awful lot of books that would benefit from a good scissoring by an editor, though there are a few that justify the page count. Like you, most of what I read is a decade – or several of them – old, whether it be mystery or science fiction.

    In fantasy, the page counts are always high, whether it’s just the way the genre works or whether the tales take more pages to tell I’m not certain. -R.

  3. David H. Doerrer says:

    Just to confirm my off the cuff reaction, I looked up the Booker nominated books from 1990 -2009. Never heard of any of them – that I could recall – save Atwood’s, and hers only because of mentions in Locus.

    – – Same here, David. I admit I don’t pay any attention to the Booker, but that doesn’t lessen it value to the publisher and author. -R.

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