The Death Artist

by Jonathan Lofer, © 2002, Harper Collins hardcover, first in series featuring Kate McKinnon Rothstein.  mystery–thriller

Death Artist cvrKate McKinnon has been off the NYPD force for a decade when the murders begin. The first victim is a young artist whom Kate has nurtured as part of her work in the Let There Be A Future foundation, the second is the director of the Contemporary Museum of Art, then a B level post minimalist artist is killed. Each murder scene is left with the victim in a pose matching a famous – or at least well known to art history students – painting.

More disturbing to Kate, she finds or is sent a clue to each painting. Working with the often reluctant homicide squad, Kate attempts to understand the motive and identify the killer before she becomes the next target for murder.

Serial killer mysteries are not my normal fare, but this was recommended because I might enjoy the art angle and art background. There are a lot of art references, but the book is really about threat and murder, as you would expect.

This is pretty good. There are some problems, I felt it was over-written and Lofer likes to use the old Ian Fleming trick of telling the reader the brand or label of everything he possibly can, which is wearying. Still, I am considering reading the second book in this series, Color Blind, which I understand is just as interesting and better written.

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3 Responses to The Death Artist

  1. I’ve seen this book at various remainder book stores, Rick. Next time I see it, I’ll pick up a copy. I like mysteries and suspense novels with art world aspects. David Silva’s thrillers feature artistic elements.

    – – It’s not bad. It has first novel problems, but as I said the second in the series is, I’m told, better written. I got my copy from a friend and it was worth just about what I paid, but then I don’t read much serial killer stuff. If I were going to get a copy, I’d probably check PaperBackSwap. -R.

  2. Drongo says:

    A bit off-topic, but did you ever get around to watching the ant movie, THEM?

    – – It’s still waiting here. We’re going to watch it together, and one night my wife is busy with quilting, and the next I’m watching football, and between that and other things we still haven’t gotten to it. Soon… -R.

  3. Patti Abbott says:

    He is an amazing artist as well as a writer.

    – – I didn’t realize he was an artist, or at least not a professional. Interesting. -R.

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