Saturday notes – Oct. 3rd

Red Wind

October is here, and with it, there is the tang of Fall in the air. At least for now. Santa Ana winds are expected in a day or two, it will warm up again, and the fire danger will increase. October would be a lovely month in southern California if it weren’t for the hot winds and fires.

This is the time of year I think of “Raymond Chandler’s “Red Wind”, a teriffic short story, worth re-reading (and if you’ve not read it, I envy you that first time experience).

While the wife is hard at work on a Fall-themed quilt, I’ve the usual Saturday chores and errands to take care of, but there are also some interesting football games today. Plus we have an appropriate movie to watch:


We’ve had terrible ant problems this year, in spite of all efforts the things keep invading the house. So it seemed appropriate to get Netflix to send us this film. I haven’t seen it in years.

New Series of Posts: Saturday Soundtrack

I’m starting a new series of posts. I participate in the Friday Forgotten Books posts (see yesterday’s post) but I’ve decided to post a Saturday Soundtrack each week. I hope you enjoy reading my comments, and listening to the CD if you have – or buy – it, as much as I do listening to my candidates each week.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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2 Responses to Saturday notes – Oct. 3rd

  1. Ed Baker says:

    get a spray bottle or a garden spray tank
    mix this stuff

    put some grape jelly out in yard..several spots

    when ants get the food then follow trail back to nest-entrance.. spray a cpl tablesoonsful of poison into hole then sparay yhe line of marching ants..

    only way to get ants is to get ’em in the nest!


    locate every little pile of dirt and soak there

  2. Richard says:

    I hear ya, Ed, but they’e in the friggin’ walls. We have a service – it’s a condo and the common wall is the problem, neighbor won’t cooperate. We’re blowing powder into the walls next week.

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