Call for a “Mark Phillips” Reprint

When is someone going to reprint the Psi-Series novels by Mark Phillips?

“Mark Phillips” is the pseudonym of writers Randall Garrett & Laurence Mark Janifer. Three novellas were published, all in Astounding-Analog Science Fact & Fiction (ASF). They are “That Sweet Little Old Lady”, “Out Like a Light” (April 1960 cover shown) and “Occasion For Disaster”. These were re-edited and slightly lengthened into novels published by Pyramid Books in the 1960s.April 1960 Astounding - Out Like A Light by Mark Phillips

“That Sweet Little Old Lady” as Brain Twister. “Out Like a Light” as The Impossibles and “Occasion For Disaster” as Supermind. Don’t let the 1960’s titles Pyramid put on the books fool you. These are solid SF stories, with a mystery element, more than a little humor and a terrific premise: Some people can use psionic power, and some of them use it to commit crimes. When that happens, Kenneth Malone — sometimes known as Sir Kenneth of The Queen’s Own FBI — has to track them down and put a stop to unlawful activities.

There are great reading, and deserve to be in print. Yes, Amazon has a Kindle edition, but these should also be available in paper & ink, either separately or in an omnibus edition.

Will someone please reprint these, ink-on-paper? It seems there are lots of possible publishers to take this on. So who will it be?

Tor? Planet Stories? Red Deer Press? Baen Books? PYR? Night Shade Books? Someone else?

Addendum: Until we get the print versions, Scott Cupp [here]  (who has an excellent column running over at SF Signal by the way) has informed me these books – and many other of Garrett’s works – are available from [here] and they are free downloads. So if you don’t mind reading on a screen, you could try that. A big, big thanks to Scott!

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10 Responses to Call for a “Mark Phillips” Reprint

  1. George Kelley says:

    I have the Pyramid editions, Rick. You’re right: an omnibus edition of these stories would be perfect. Haffner Press is currently reprinting Edmund Hamilton. Maybe they would be interested in “Mark Phillips.”

  2. George Kelley says:

    I just checked AMAZON and they have reprint editions of BRAIN TWISTER (Echo Library) and SUPERMIND (Bibliobazaar). No reprints of THE IMPOSSIBLES. Yet.

  3. I checked until my eyes were bleary and didn’t see those, George. I looked at Amazon and all I could find is the Kindle omnibus. I’ll go look for the others now. Thanks.

  4. Scott Cupp says:

    Rick – All three novels are available as free downloads at I don’t know how you are about electronic books but free is good.

  5. Scott – I really appreciate it. THANKS! I always prefer a page to a screen, when I can have it, but as you say, free is good. I’ll check it out.

  6. Jerry House says:

    I agree; all three books are great. By the way, the tacit conceit of the trilogy is that Malone is a descendant of Craig Rice’s famous character J. J. Malone. For those who love Rice’s detective novels, these three books are a must.

  7. That’s interesting, Jerry, I’d not heard that. Craig Rice is a favorite of a lot of mystery fans, though I’m ashamed to admit I’ve not read any of her books. So many books, so little time and all that. Now I have an even stronger reason to read one.

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  9. Drongo says:

    Rick, you may want to take a look at Craig Rice’s Wikipedia entry…

  10. Welcome back, Drongo. Man, yesterday I was in the clouds,I guess. Must have been that nasty dentist trip, or maybe the flu shot I got after that. Ugh, what a day.

    Anyway, thanks, for your low-key correction. I’ve made the adjustment.

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