Friday Forgotten Book

three times a victim cvrThree Times A Victim

F. L. Wallace, 1957, Ace Books, paperback (Ace Double)

F. L. Wallace (aka Floyd Wallace), was primarily known as a science fiction writer with stories published in Astounding Science Fiction, Galaxy and others, he wrote mystery short stories and two novels, this book and Wired for Scandal, which was also published by Ace, in 1959.

P.I. Norman Hazard works in L.A., his office near a city park that is being chopped up by a freeway project. A body is found under road grading equipment, later that day another in some bushes in the park. Both were old men who visited the park frequently to play chess.

Hazard is hired to find an old man; possibly one of the deceased. An interesting, cast of characters and good sense of place makes up for the somewhat predictable plotting, but there are enough twists and turns in 164 pages to make things interesting. I enjoyed this. Good but not great, certainly worth a look. There are inexpensive copies available, and the flip side of this double is A Night for Treason by John Jakes. Yes, that John Jakes, the one who who later wrote North and South and several “family sagas”.

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9 Responses to Friday Forgotten Book

  1. I haven’t read this one, but I recall reading Wallace’s WIRED FOR SCANDAL and enjoying it. That’s a pretty good cover.

  2. George Kelley says:

    You sure picked a good book for FORGOTTEN BOOKS, Rick! I’m a big fan of F. L. Wallace. I really enjoyed his SF stories in GALAXY. I’ve always liked the cover of THREE TIMES A VICTIM.

  3. James – yes, I like the cover too. I might even have bought it for the cover when I came across it at a paperback show in SoCal a few years ago.

    Oh and thanks for dropping by my new – first – blog, hope to see you back here.

  4. George – I’m glad you like the pick. I spent a lot of time deciding what to start off with.

  5. Drongo says:

    Knew he wrote sf, didn’t know he wrote mysteries.

    Pretty good cover.

  6. Drongo – I didn’t know he wrote mysteries either, until I spotted this book.

  7. wwayne says:

    Talking about forgotten books, 2 years ago I started reading western novels, and since then I’ve been reading a lot of them. You may think they are boredom at its purest form, but I assure you that, generally speaking, they have a very intriguing plot. For example, “Gun Smoke at Dawn” by Norman A. Fox, “Night of the Gunmen” by Steven C. Lawrence and “The Hard Men” by Theodore V. Olsen definitely are among the most thrilling novels I’ve ever read. But, if you ever decide to read a western novel, the ideal starting point would be “From Where the Sun Now Stands” by Will Henry. It is one of my favorite novels, along with “The Power of the Dog” by Don Winslow.

  8. Richard says:

    Thanks for the recommendations, wwayne. I rarely read westerns, I’ve maybe read a dozen in my life, though I have a few on the book shelves unread. But I may pick up a copy of one of your recommendations and try it.

  9. wwayne says:

    Thank you as well for your reply! : )

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